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Hi Baz,
Had a great Christmas day, had dinner in Bernieís house, sheís a good cook,

Every thing was going great until I got home, I seen my cheque book on the table and said to myself "I shouldnít leave that there" This is because I keep tenants in my house. As I was putting it away I thought that I'd just check it. It looked ok and then I noticed that three cheques were missing from the back, even the stubs were gone,
I went into my online banking and seen that one has been cashed for Ä100. I then phoned the bank using the credit card fraud number to see what they could do, the girl was very nice, she was able to tell me that one of the cheques had been cashed for Ä100, after she asked me my PIN number so she could enter my online banking. She told me she could not stop the other 2 cheques and I would have to ring another number at 10.00 AM tomorrow (well, it is Christmas day)

I then phoned the police who told me to come in tomorrow and make a statement and not to worry because he cant have cashed the other two because nowhere is opened on Christmas day.

This guy has only been living at my house for two weeks now and he does not know that I know what he has done. So he is going to come back. I have thought about throwing his stuff in the front yard and changing the lock (Iíve done this before to tenants, I keep spare locks) but no, Iím going to wait for him, and then Iíll call the police again. The Irish cops are actually quite good and they will sort it out.

Right now Iím drinking this guys beer

Could only happen to me at Christmas

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