Re: Technique on the higher notes

Re: Technique on the higher notes

Posted by ausharpman on December 21, 2002 at 08:40:21:

In Reply to: Technique on the higher notes posted by Dougie on December 20, 2002 at 10:36:47:

I remember that problem- Particularly with Hohner harps. It wasn't until I bought a Suzuki MR350 that I could play all notes. Now I use Lee Oskars ( the price has jumped here in Aus to an extravagant high so I might start exploring again (those Suzis were GOOD- wonder what they cost now?)

I had many problems with the high notes and came to the same conclusion as you- its all in how you breath! Now I can get any harp to play all notes- guess you get the hang of it with practice.

I wouldn't like to describe what the difference is between how I play now and how I used to, but it works easy now!

I do believe that some brands are easier than others, but that doesn't mean the hard ones are inferior- they are just different.

I used to avoid songs that went above 6, now I love them.

in particular I hated 6 blow (sounded harsh and extra loud) then I started recording myself and found it was mainly due to perculiarities of the human body.

What you hear is not what others hear- you get "internal feedback"

the sound you hear is composed of external components and also internal components.

There are resonances in the body that affect what you hear.

Just remember - the other bloke always sounds better to you, but he thinks you sound better than him.

breath from the belly. Dont just blow (suck) but try to use the gut not the mouth. That way the air passages are open and you become part of the instrument.


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