El Padrino

Title: El Padrino

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Posted by: berlotobruno


Here the melody notation and general comments about this song :

It also includes the chords which I recorded with five different harps .

It is in Cm and I use a Cm Harmonica.

tgf1.gif (3127 bytes)


tgf2.gif (3285 bytes)


tgf3.gif (1673 bytes)


tgf4.gif (1657 bytes)


tgf5.gif (2872 bytes)


tgf6.gif (2585 bytes)


tgf7.gif (1626 bytes)


tgf8.gif (1649 bytes)


tgf9.gif (2585 bytes)


tgf10.gif (1626 bytes)


tgf11.gif (1649 bytes)


tgf12.gif (3127 bytes)


tgf13.gif (3285 bytes)


tgf14.gif (1673 bytes)


tgf15.gif (1657 bytes)


tgf16.gif (2984 bytes)


Note 1:    here I play in Cm using a Cm harmonica which is straight harp. Probably you will notice the 2dbb and 6db intonation are not good enough; this is due to the Cm harmonica is a very old C harp that I tuned by myself. I usually lower the pitch of the note by putting very small tin welding drops at the tip of the reed which vibrate more slowly because of the weight added.

tgf17.gif (5118 bytes)


Note 2:    The Chords are:

tgf18.gif (2127 bytes)


tgf19.gif (1811 bytes)


tgf20.gif (1793 bytes)


tgf21.gif (1895 bytes)


tgf22.gif (1718 bytes)


tgf23.gif (1800 bytes)


tgf24.gif (1764 bytes)


Note 3:

Accidentally I recorded the "3 4 and 5 draw" chord with an "A" harp which is Ab diminished. Although B diminished is in theory the correct chord , Ab dim sounds quite a bit good with the melody and might be an acceptable substitution in this case.

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