Harping Midi

Harping! Midi Player is a program created by Javier Argomedo that will convert Midi files to Harmonica Tab. You can download a working version for free. But in order to save any work you do with it, you will have to register your copy. I believe you will find that it is well worth the mere $16.00 he is asking.

How to download and install

  • To get your Harping! Midi Player you must go to http://www.harpingmidi.com/download.html
  • Then you must download the version that suits you and install it on your computer
  • When you click to download it, you may be asked if you want to save or open it, Click Save
  • When it's finsihed downloading click on the HarpingSetup file, and follow the instalation instructions.

How to use Harping Midi Player

  • Check out our Links Page for a list of MIDI sites and search engines.
  • As an example of a midi file to work with, right click desperado-in-g.mid, save it, and open it in "Harping Midi"
  • When you open desperado-in-g.mid in HarpingMidi it will look like this:


  • Press play just to see how things work and then open the Mixer Window which will look like this:


  • What you need to do now is find the melody track.
  • You can use the Mixer Window to mute different tracks. You can also hide tracks from the music staff which will help you determin which is the melody track.
  • With the following Mixer configuration you will notice that the Clarinet track is the melody track and the one you need tab for.


  • Our MIDI file is in the key of "G" and our tab is for a "C" harmonica. So you can now play Desperado (starting on 3 draw) in Second Position on your "C" harmonica by following the tab.
  • However if you open the the "Diatonic Harmonica Viewer" and check the "Show Stats" box you will notice that there are 37 bends and 5 overblows in this tab.


  • This is goin to make parts of the song difficult to play. So we need to experiment with it to improve the playability.
  • Click: Tools > Transpose > All full octave Up


  • Now our tab starts on "draw 7" and only has 5 bends according to the stats. But you may find that this is a little high pitched, so we'll connvert it to be played on an "A" Harmonica.
  • Change the Harmonica key to "A" and transpose the MIDI file down 3 semitones from "G" to "E"
  • You will need to click "All half step Down" 3 times to get to "E" which is second position on an "A" Harmonica.


  • Now that our song is a lot more playable we can create the Tab Track.
  • Click: Tools > Transpose > Create Tablature Text Track.
  • You will now see your tab track at the bottom of the page.
  • You should create your tab track when viewing the melody track only, because the program will create tab for all tracks together if you let it.



This is an good song for demonstrating how to use the Harping Midi program, but it is still quite a difficult song to learn if you are new to Harmonica. You may want to learn some easier songs first, before tackeling this one.