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 Post subject: Two cents on bending
PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:31 pm 

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I just recently learned to bend and I figured since it is such a hard concept to convey i would throw out my two cents on it out here before i forgot. You may or may not get anything from this, but this is just what helped me. When i first started trying to bend i was really trying to warp my embouchure and i kept getting multiple notes. After looking online i stumbled across something that suggested when you first start to tape up all the holes but the one you are working on to get a feel for i bend. I dont remember where i got that, for all i know it may have been here. Anyway that helped alot and as i progressed i would uncover hole and try again. I couldn't get past bending with three holes open. I kept trying but just couldnt get it. I was looking at bending online and figured id try a blow bend, what most sites suggest as either impossible or much more difficult. The very first try i successfully bent the 8 blow hole. 2nd try i bent 9 blow. a couple tries for 10. I was surprised, but not yet satisfied. I think part of the reason i was able to hit this on the first shot is that i am a primarily a saxophone player and can reach an altissimo A which requires quite an embouchure. I picked up a harmonica because i couldnt resist the thought of never being without music. After i got the feel for blow bending i went back down to the draw bends and immediately i could draw bend. I think i got the feel of the bends down on the higher register and then moving to the "easier" draw bends wasn't a problem. Anyway, thats my story for what its worth. I found hearing a lot of other peoples progression to kind of help me to learn to bend so i figured id throw this out there. Some other stuff worth noting is all this happened within a day, I got my first harmonica (marineband key of c) on saturday, and i just got solid single notes on sunday. I would have put this in the beginner section saying i am a total beginner, but hey, this is supposed to be an advanced topic so here it is and hope it helps.


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 Post subject: Re: Two cents on bending
PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:28 am 

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first thing you do is whistle (if you can whistle) then bend it.
think about what your mouth is doing,then do the same thing with your mouth as you blow or draw the harp
and your on your way
keep working on it

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