Harmonica - Bent Notes

The Bendometer

  • The Bendometer is a program created by Joel that will allow you to see when you are bending a note and how far you are bending it.

  • You can install a working version of this software for a small donation of your own choosing. Anything from $7.00 up, depending on what you think of the product after you have tried it. Just go to HarpSoft .com for the installation instructions.

  • When you open the program on your computer it will look like this.




  • Now, if you take up your computer mic and play a "2 draw" on your "C" harmonica, you will notice from the screenshot below that you are playing the note "G". Blow notes are displayed above the numbers and draw notes below the numbers.




  • Now if you bend the "2 draw" down to "F" (a full tone), your bendometer will look like this.




  • If you are not bending the note fully your display will look like this.


  • It's that simple!

Playing with Tabs

  • When you have a tab window open It will look like this


  • The Bendometer will display what note you are playing and which note you are to play next. Privacy Policy