Slow Down Harmonica Music

The Amazing Slow Downer

  • This program will allow you to slow down a song making it easier to learn.

  • When you slow a song down the pitch of the notes will not change, just the length.

  • You will be able to run nearly any type of sound file in this program (mp3's, wav's, etc..)

  • You can also put a regular CD in your computer and play songs from it.

  • This program currently costs $39.95 and can be downloaded from Roni Music

  • You will be able to try it out by downloading the free trial version before you decide to buy it.

  • The free version has limitations, it can't play a whole song.


Wnen you open the program it will look like this

Harmonica Songs


Harmonica Tab Sound sample at full speed.

Harmonica Tab The same piece at half speed.

Harmonica Tab The same piece at quarter speed. Privacy Policy