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Harmonica Effects Demo

Zoom gfx 1 Demo and live loop song

Harmonicadave posted this video on 2012-07-17 17:50:50

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By Pietegbr (August 09, 2012 00:17)

Dave that was great, where are you based, I'm interested in your looping gear as well, can we expect a demo on that as well?


By gav (February 17, 2013 13:03)

Dave, great demo, thank you. I've very recently purchase the multi stomp box and now learning to use it and what I can do with it. Thank you, your demo has been invaluable in giving me an insite into what can be done. Regards Gav

By Liverpool_Harp (February 26, 2013 16:44)

Thanks for posting Dave its always nice to see new hardware and what it can do.


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