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 Carvin Vintage 16 and Audix Fireball???
Feb-07-10 4:58pm  

Hey all-
Last week I splurged and got a new amp (Carvin Vintage 16) because before I was mic-ed into the pa and wasn't real happy not being autonomous.
Now I'm stuck - my mic (Audix Fireball) was low impedance so I got a transformer to high but last night I played and it was horrible- no power and a lot of feedback.
Some other harp players said I should try a Green Bullet BUT to get a vintage one not a new one-
I guess the question is- was it a mistake getting the Carvin or is there a way to resolve the problems by just finding a vintage GB or something similiar???
Any comments or advice would be great - I'm here in Italy so there are few resources on hand.


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