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 Re: C harp
Mar-24-05 10:20am  [ re: Concho ]

Hi Concho

Thought I would let you know that Aria are a wholesale distributor and they do not carry or know anything about harps. I tried to contact them once and could not even get a reply. Dead loss.

I am afraid that us Europeans have to buy from the States. However, Bushman provide great customer service so it is real easy to order and you get a pretty good exchange rate at the moment.

I have to thank you Concho. You turned me on to Bushman harmonicas. For someone to be so passionate about one make there had to be something in what you were saying so I decided to give Bushman's ago. WOW!


[ Edited: Mar-24-05 4:21am by Markp ]

Club Member: Mark

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