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 Re: C harp
Mar-22-05 3:53pm  [ re: Markp ]

I also prefer the Bushman harps. If you want to get a harp with an aluminum comb, they just started selling the Delta Frost with one. I am going to order one soon and I will post a review here.

The Miesterklasses are decent but I think they are overpriced. In general, I am not a fan of the MS system. If you want a hohner with a wood comb. I suggest the Marine Band, if you want a plastic comb, I suggest the SP 20. If you want an aluminum comb, I think the Bushman or Suzuki Promaster are a better bang for the buck.

I don’t know if they have any in stock but the Bushman website lists one dealer in the UK. (I have never purchased anything from them and am not endorsing them…they are the only bushman dealer in the UK that I know of)

Aria (UK) Ltd
Heston Industrial Mall Unit 12
Church Rd - Heston Middlesex TW5 0LD
Tel: 0-208-572-0033
Fax: 0-208-570-3573

[ Edited: Mar-22-05 9:54am by Concho ]


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