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 C harp
Mar-21-05 4:43am  

As of right now I only have the Hohner Blues Harp(ms) in C and I'm getting more and more serious(or silly) about playing harp as the hours, days, and weeks go by.

Soon it will be time for me to pick up more keys to further my sound and skill, -but!! .. I would like to purchase another C harmonica. I still think I get good sound from this one, but a lot of times without thinking it has ended up in my back pocket and towards the high end(7-10) there's a wicked dent in the coverplate. -No hard ass jokes please-. I took it apart and cleaned the reeds and took a small hammer and went mechanic on it and -gently- straightened it out as best I could. I still worry about the sound, because I'm still very much a novice and it is hard to tell if the sound is effected by this.

C seems to be a staple sound, and my favorite sound for harp. I want to buy something that will sound great and be easier on my lungs for draw notes. I scanned all the harps I could and what I'm really eyeing for my C key is to get a Hohner Meisterklasse, and the rest of the keys I'm looking at something a bit less severe to the wallet.

My questions are now here.. = P

Is Meisterklasse what I'm thinking it will be, in that the reeds will resonate sound easily and will aid the strong dynamic sound process?

What harps do you suggest for other keys? I've been looking at the special 20s and those black and gold Cross Harps. Maybe more Hohner Blues Harps?

Suggestions welcome in anything I've said, here! I am only a wee harp player. = P

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