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 i got it
Jan-29-05 9:33am  

hey everyone, i finally got my 255 chrometta 12 in, and i forgot who it was, but someone asked me to tell the forum which one i liked better chromatic or diatonic...heres my input...

it's hard to compare them becuase they're so different. if you want bluesy stuff, nothing compares to the diatonic it'd be your best bet, the chromatic is great for more clear cut stuff, like gospel and jazz, it's also fun pressing the button...

so i got asked to say which i liked better...i can't decide, becusae theyr'e so different an unique, i love em both.

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 Re: i got it
Jan-29-05 2:04pm  [ re: zionsyouth86 ]

Hello zionsyouth, ya got the bear here. I'm the one who asked you to lets us know which one you like the best. Since your so happy with them both and cannot make up your mind I guess your in harp heaven.
I really glade your so pleased with them. So are you going to take them both with you in April?


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 Re: i got it
Jan-30-05 1:07am  [ re: zionsyouth86 ]

If you would like to hear what can be done with a chromatic on the "bluesy" stuff check out George "Harmonica" Smith, or one of his students, Rod Piazza, or William Clarke. Little Walter plays chromatic on Muddy Water's "All Aboard" and "I'm Ready to name a couple tunes, as well as chromatic on several of his own compilations.


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