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 aussie harp players
Jan-25-05 3:45am  

hey anyone here from australia
that has been to the byron bay blues and roots festival before

i wanna know if its any good

theres some good bands like john butler trio, dave matthews band and bo diddely coming this year

give us your thoughts if its worthwhile goin


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Brett G

47 Posts.
 Re: aussie harp players
Jan-25-05 6:18am  [ re: bjron ]

Canít say I've been to the festival before, but when I spotted the add for it in the paper the other day I damn near soiled myself. With a line-up like that its surely worth a mooching session with the olds and a small road trip, and if that doesnít work maybe even a job (god forbid)- oh yeah and a couple of days out of school. With any luck I'll see you there.

the harp is man's best friend

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