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 Painful bending
Jun-19-04 10:52pm  

I left a question here before about how to bend. I carried on with the way i had originally been taught which is the whistling backwards way. it hadnt worked not even slightly changing the sound. So i left the harmonica for a day as it was just frustrating me and then the next day, out of the blue i did that same technique and the note bent slightly. With the help of this Bendometer software i downloaded i can see that with much effort i can just about bend a note down one step however by the time i have bent it i have completely run out of air and have had to strain so hard to do it that my head and teeth hurt. As my body gets used to it is it likely to become any easier and has anyone else had this kind of trouble when they started to bend?

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 Re: Painful bending
Jun-20-04 3:55am  [ re: Max ]

Hi Max

Try tilting the harmonica up or down as you try bending the note, pucker your lips like your sucking through a straw. Hope this helps.


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 Re: Painful bending
Jun-20-04 5:35pm  [ re: Max ]

It's not whistling, it's really more like sucking through a straw.

If you're still having trouble, start with a high key like F or D, which are easier to bend than the lower keys of A or G (C is kinda in the middle). When you get the high keys bent, move up the bendability-toughness scale, until you're got 'em all.

It's like any other skill in life - nobody's born knowin' it. Just practice - you'll get it.


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 Re: Painful bending
Jun-20-04 11:52pm  [ re: DocMiller ]

OMG THANK YOU!!! GAW LEE!!! I can't whistle and all, but sucking through a straw. Man that's awesome. Thank you so much!!!W0000T!!!

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 Re: Painful bending
Jun-22-04 5:35am  [ re: Max ]

You are excercising muscles in your mouth, tongue, jaw and face that have never been used before on a regular basis. If it gets painful, or frustrating...put it down for a day or two and try it later on. Once you become fluent at bending, you will find that you do not need any extra wind power, or major facial contortions to do it. You are going thru what every would be harpman, (myself included) went thru. Just remember, if this instrument was easy, there would be no need for a website like this... good luck!


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