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 Re: new harmonica
Aug-15-05 7:07pm  [ re: Reed ]

If I'm understanding your meaning of rich and warm, you mean clear and mellow. I'll admit, a harp with closed covers (Special 20, Golden Melody, Suzuki Bluesmaster, etc) does have a clearer, more mellow sound than one with slots in the cover. This is what I mean by brighter. The notes are clearer, crisper, and cleaner. I guess by "rich and warm" I'm referring to the slightly more organic sound of the Marine Band.

Again, this is just from personal experience, the Lee Oskar (thanks to the slots on the side, according to what you said-which makes sense to me) is grittier than the special 20, but lacks the smoother organic qualities of the Marine Band.

[ Edited: Aug-15-05 1:09pm by pcguyiv ]

Club Member Frank

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