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 Train Train by Blackfoot
Mar-23-04 1:14pm  

Can someone hook me up with the tabs to Train Train by Blackfoot? My stepbrother is one hell of a blues guitarist and he wants me to sit in with him on this song the next time I am in town.

I am an intermediate level player but haven't developed my ear enough to fake it yet.

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 Re: Train Train by Blackfoot
Aug-24-04 4:16am  [ re: screwtape ]

i think its played in A I Play the first part with deep bends on all the draws -4-4-3 -4-4 4-3-2 2-2 -4 4-4-3-2 -4-4 4-3 2-2 this is all ican figure out the solo later still escapes me


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 Re: Train Train by Blackfoot
Sept-08-04 6:56am  [ re: d_iddings ]

Okay mr. helpful up there was right about the A harp part.

The intro is played on a G harp. Learn to imitate a train. It's a lost art, and a real bluesman's friend in a pinch.

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 Re: Train Train by Blackfoot
Aug-20-05 2:42pm  [ re: d_iddings ]

Well, all right. I've looked all over the 'Net and that's the first time I've seen anything resembling harp tab for that song.
Incidentally, I read that the intro on Blackfoot's version was done by Shorty Medlocke, grandfather of Rickey Medlocke (founder of Blackfoot). Shorty Medlocke wrote "Train, Train". The harp in the song was played by Cub Koda of Brownsville Station, according to the same info.
Customjob's right: gotta learn that train sound. (One reason it's a lost art may be that there aren't as many steam locomotives running these days.)
Play on!

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