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zues re: debit cards   Oct-14-04 3:33am
I payed with a visa debit card and had no problem
seamus re: debit cards   Jul-17-04 8:26pm
I'm not sure, I know that it will accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Delta and Visa Purchasing

Give it a go!

It dont matter which currency you choose to pay in, your debit card company will convert the 3.00 to rands

vincent re: debit cards   Jul-17-04 1:01pm
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[edit][ [color=red]Thread Pruned from [url=index.pl?view=A4]here[/url]: Apr-25-06 1:11pm by seamus [/color] ][/edit]

Will a debit card work with the payment in rands to dollar

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