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• In reply to:  seamus  (post id #816)
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seamus re: what happend    Jun-30-04 6:01pm
Not going to get one just yet cos I donít feel I know the regular harp well enough yet. But I'm sure that they sound quite similar to a regular diatonic except that you can reach more bends.
spider re: what happend    Jun-30-04 6:04am
a while back more than one person said they were going to get xb-40,s but so far no one,s posted a sound byte that i can find. my curiousity is becoming an annoyance. im curious about the sound they have having 40 reeds. can some one please do a soundbyte or do i have to buy one to hear the sound. they look rather large but the sound is what im all about size doesnt matter to me just the quality of the sound, come on guy,s help me out here?

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