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Markp re: C harp   Mar-24-05 10:20am
Hi Concho

Thought I would let you know that Aria are a wholesale distributor and they do not carry or know anything about harps. I tried to contact them once and could not even get a reply. Dead loss.

I am afraid that us Europeans have to buy from the States. However, Bushman provide great customer service so it is real easy to order and you get a pretty good exchange rate at the moment.

I have to thank you Concho. You turned me on to Bushman harmonicas. For someone to be so passionate about one make there had to be something in what you were saying so I decided to give Bushman's ago. WOW!


[edit][ Edited: Mar-24-05 4:21am by Markp ][/edit]
Ralpht re: C harp   Mar-22-05 4:19pm
I would recommend the Suzuki Promaster for aluminum combs and the Bushmans,special 20's and Suzuki bluesmasters for plastic comb harps. I own a promaster and a meisterklasse and i agree with Concho that the promaster gives you more bang for your buck.If your just beginning though i would suggest you stay in the 20 to 30 dollar range.
Concho re: C harp   Mar-22-05 3:53pm
I also prefer the Bushman harps. If you want to get a harp with an aluminum comb, they just started selling the Delta Frost with one. I am going to order one soon and I will post a review here.

The Miesterklasses are decent but I think they are overpriced. In general, I am not a fan of the MS system. If you want a hohner with a wood comb. I suggest the Marine Band, if you want a plastic comb, I suggest the SP 20. If you want an aluminum comb, I think the Bushman or Suzuki Promaster are a better bang for the buck.

I don’t know if they have any in stock but the Bushman website lists one dealer in the UK. (I have never purchased anything from them and am not endorsing them…they are the only bushman dealer in the UK that I know of)

Aria (UK) Ltd
Heston Industrial Mall Unit 12
Church Rd - Heston Middlesex TW5 0LD
Tel: 0-208-572-0033
Fax: 0-208-570-3573

[edit][ Edited: Mar-22-05 9:54am by Concho ][/edit]
Markp re: C harp   Mar-22-05 9:21am
Hi Hockay

If your just play by yourself then the C is just fine. You only really need to look at other key if you want to play along with backing tracks or other musicians.

I have tried many of the harps available in the and I have to say that the Bushman Delta Frost is the easiest to play with very responsive reeds on both draw and blow. Only draw back is that they are only available in the USA and there is a min order charge of 50 bucks for international orders.

My next choice would be a Hohner Pro Harp which has been prepared and tuned by Antony Dannecker, check out http://www.southx.biz/dannecker/home.htm . I am not trying to promote Antony but I have found his harps to be better tuned and more responsive than straight Hohners.

Something you need to consider is that no matter what new harp you buy it will most likely take you a little while to get used to it.

The Meisterklasse is a fine harp there is no question, but I think you can get just as good a sound from a Pro Harp. The Suzuki MR350 Pro Master is similar and a bit cheaper. I had a Pro Master in C for over a year now with no sign of the reeds blowing.

It's a harping mine field out there. Hope I haven't confussed you even more!
Hockay re: C harp   Mar-21-05 4:43am
As of right now I only have the Hohner Blues Harp(ms) in C and I'm getting more and more serious(or silly) about playing harp as the hours, days, and weeks go by.

Soon it will be time for me to pick up more keys to further my sound and skill, -but!! .. I would like to purchase another C harmonica. I still think I get good sound from this one, but a lot of times without thinking it has ended up in my back pocket and towards the high end(7-10) there's a wicked dent in the coverplate. -No hard ass jokes please-. I took it apart and cleaned the reeds and took a small hammer and went mechanic on it and -gently- straightened it out as best I could. I still worry about the sound, because I'm still very much a novice and it is hard to tell if the sound is effected by this.

C seems to be a staple sound, and my favorite sound for harp. I want to buy something that will sound great and be easier on my lungs for draw notes. I scanned all the harps I could and what I'm really eyeing for my C key is to get a Hohner Meisterklasse, and the rest of the keys I'm looking at something a bit less severe to the wallet.

My questions are now here.. = P

Is Meisterklasse what I'm thinking it will be, in that the reeds will resonate sound easily and will aid the strong dynamic sound process?

What harps do you suggest for other keys? I've been looking at the special 20s and those black and gold Cross Harps. Maybe more Hohner Blues Harps?

Suggestions welcome in anything I've said, here! I am only a wee harp player. = P

[edit][ Edited: Mar-20-05 10:45pm by Hockay ][/edit]

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