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• In reply to:  bear  (post id #4475)
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vincent re: Gospel blues   Mar-23-05 7:45am
I just feel that gospel blues is necessary. Theres this two friars in South-Africa that make music.And the churches are against it,but they got it andare now musicians
spider re: Gospel blues   Mar-22-05 11:16pm
guess its like this bro if you know your bends and such close your eyes and let the spirit play the song for you it will happen if you dont try to do it yourself and guess what you will be totally amazed at how divine intervention works .

[edit][ Edited: Mar-22-05 5:16pm by spider ][/edit]
Ralpht re: Gospel blues   Mar-22-05 4:46pm
Amen, Brother!

[edit][ Edited: Mar-22-05 10:47am by Ralpht ][/edit]
vincent re: Gospel blues   Mar-17-05 6:26am
So i can play it with my diatonic.It just got a the jesus flavour
bear re: Gospel blues   Mar-17-05 1:25am
vincent, I guess it all depends on who is playing it my friend. Sometimes its played good and sometimes not.

The thing is, gospel blues is no different then any other blues music. Its just Gospel music played cross harp is all.

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