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vincent re: Missing User pics   Mar-17-05 6:28am
What you now it works.It's just an enlargement of the little pic
vincent re: Missing User pics   Mar-17-05 6:27am
I'm going to try that
bear re: Missing User pics   Mar-17-05 1:29am
Huh, learn something every day. Seamus I never knew you could drop & drag images to your address bar like that.
seamus re: Missing User pics   Mar-16-05 8:52pm
Strange, the only thing different about the images is that they are not actually thumbnails. That's why they can be slow to download. If you click on one and drag it to your address bar you'll see what I mean.

Apart from that there is no difference between them and any other image on the net.
Markp re: Missing User pics   Mar-16-05 7:50pm
Hi Seamus,

I think it must be something to do with my new wireless network & firewall. There is something about the images in the forum pages that the firwall does not like.

Very strange

Hey ho!

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