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bear re: Merry Christmas to All   Dec-24-04 6:26pm
Jim, its my prayer that you and yours (and all our friends here at the club) have a very very wonderful Christmas.

This has been by far the best Christmas I have every had. I pary everybodies Christmas is as good as or better (if that be possible) then the one I'm having.
Ralpht re: Merry Christmas to All   Dec-24-04 12:09am
Merry Christmas to you too Jim,
and to all of my friends here at the harmonica club!
ELMO re: Merry Christmas to All   Dec-23-04 5:04pm
The same to you old friend!! Have a great one!!
sirfin re: Merry Christmas to All   Dec-23-04 4:53pm
Merry Christmas to all here at Harmonica club. You are all a bunch of great guys and gals. I hope you all to have a happy and safe holiday season.
:) :)
May God bless

A special merry Christmas to seamus who makes this all possible.

[edit][ Edited: Dec-23-04 8:54am by sirfin ][/edit]

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