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dylan re: Second Harp?   Dec-17-04 6:45am
Are you kidding nobody swears as much as the Irish ! I wonder how Father Ted went down in the states ?
seamus re: Second Harp?   Dec-16-04 10:38pm
Hey dylan,
No problem bud. It's the same in Ireland people swear a lot in casual conversation here. I found that out when I went to work in America, and I got pulled up on it a few times :blush But like Bear says, we try to keep it to a minimum on the forums.

[edit][ Edited: Dec-16-04 4:40pm by seamus ][/edit]
bear re: Second Harp?   Dec-16-04 7:43pm
No offence taken my friend, its just we need to keep our young'uns ears as clean as possible as long as we can. God knows they will get enough of that off the streets.
Not to mention the respect we need to offer our lady members. I've been reading your posts and it looks like your going to be a big help to the rest of the club members. Keep up the good work my friend.

You right, guitar players are a special breed for sure. Right Elmo?????
dylan re: Second Harp?   Dec-16-04 6:33am
Bear , point taken! Ive obviously been living in australia too long , here its a term of endearment , thats what me old lady keeps telling me anyway? or ive been hanging around guitar players too much! sorry if i ofended anyone .
bear re: Second Harp?   Dec-15-04 1:12am
dylan, Seamus did not change your cuss word to *** The forums software did that. It filters cuss words out automatically.

Although the word bastard is usually used as a cuss word it means "A Fatherless Child", therefore the filter left it in as it is a meaningful word when used properly. Using cuss words is usually done by people who dont know enough words to express themselves without cussing.

Being this is a public forum board people like you and I should be careful about the words we use so as not to be a bad example on young minds. And to show the rest of the world we are smart enough to have a big enough vocabulary that we can carry on a conversation without have to use cuss words.

So lets be a little more careful with our choice of words my friend. OK? Fine! Thank you.

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