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Deeterman re: new harmonica   Aug-24-05 4:58am
The debate about tone, wood vs. plastic, etc.:


Lots of other good stuff, check it out
bear re: new harmonica   Aug-22-05 9:43pm
Kevin said ..............
[i]I really like what bear did with the experimenting on harmonicas...[/i]

Kevin, thats somewhat a a curse of mine. I'm the type who needs to know "why", not just how. Don't tell me a plane can fly. Tell me why it is able to do so. Ever hear a clock tick? I can tell you why it does! My mother gave me quite a whooping for tearing her clocks apart. But I found out why they tick........LOL

In some ways its a good thing, it help me to become a really good gunsmith, as well as other things. But is a curse in other ways. Mostly as a kid while still learning, and even sometimes now-a-days tearing things apart to see "why" they work.......
harmonicakevin re: new harmonica   Aug-22-05 10:01am
Hi DaWa,
I guess in the end, the only way to have a truly informed opinion is to try out different harps and see with your own ears and mouth. Personally I use Golden Melodies, but one day Mr. Music (Allston, MA) was out of Golden M's, so I got a Special 20 instead. It's different, but the difference is subtle. Someone made a very good point earlier in this thread that in the context of a band situation, i.e. other instruments playing, going through a mike and amp, even other harmonica players are going to have a hard time telling which type of Hohner harmonica you are playing.....maybe Lee Oskar's are more distinctive, bit I'm too frugal to spend the extra money..
..I really like what bear did with the experimenting on harmonicas...
..have fun and keep blowing..Kevin
DaWa re: new harmonica   Aug-16-05 8:07pm
Thanks a lot for the advice. I think I'll go with the special 20 in part because I just want to try something different.
bear re: new harmonica   Aug-16-05 3:54am
I dont know about the LO's but covering the slots with tap did make a differance on the Marine Bands. And when I was playing around with them I did fill one in with liquid steel and another with fiberglass. They all sounded the same.......

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