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bear re: Bendometer   Aug-20-05 5:28pm
Kennyp, a Bendo Meter is a software one can use (provided you have a microphone) that will show you on you monitor if you are bending the notes and how far you are bending them.
kennyp re: Bendometer   Aug-20-05 5:48am
I'm sorry but i'm new to both this forum and harping. What is a bendometer?

[edit][ Edited: Aug-19-05 11:50pm by kennyp ][/edit]
McLaren re: Bendometer   Aug-18-05 2:08pm
By a half bend you do literally mean a half bend right? Not that you're just bending it a little bit?

If you're using Bendometer and have the layout set to "Bends" it should only show the half step as you can't bend that note any further.

ie. For a C harp there should be a box below hole four with a D in it, and a box below that with a C# in it.

If you mean you can bend down to C# then great, that's all you need to do. If you mean that the blue box which shows how far you're bending only gets half way then keep practicing!
bear re: Bendometer   Aug-15-05 7:00pm
No problem my friend. Glade to be able to help.
jdelaney re: Bendometer   Aug-15-05 7:45am
thanks bear

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