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Concho re: Bending Notes   Aug-11-05 10:59pm
When I first learned to tongue block, I keept my tongue on the left side only and slid it down to the end of the harp on holes 1 & 2. Since then, I have learned to bend with my tongue on both sides. So now, I bend with my tongue on the right, left, or I switch to lip blocking. Bottom line...do what works for you. When you get that down try to learn a different way to do it. Learning new things will only help you down the line.
Reed re: Bending Notes   Aug-11-05 8:46pm
You can bend using a 'tounge block' as you describe in your post. If you're trying to bend the 1, or 2, you will need to switch your tounge two holes to the right of the note you want to bend, or you can switch to the 'pucker' method for the 1, and 2.
jdelaney re: Bending Notes   Aug-11-05 8:27pm
I am only a beginner, At the moment I am learning to bend note, just one question, I am trying to bend notes while my tongue is blocking the 2 notes to the left, Do I block the 2 notes to the left while bending?

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