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Franky re: Just Starting   Aug-17-05 11:16pm
welcome to the club :)

and ... if you need some lessons you can download a few [url=http://www.ftp-harp-space.wickedom.org/]===> H E R E <==[/url]

[edit][ Edited: Aug-17-05 5:18pm by Franky ][/edit]
tmac re: Just Starting   Aug-17-05 11:03pm
Hey Niki,

I'm also a woman trying to learn the harp. I started about 6 months ago, but then got distracted and am only just picking it up again. This time I intend to stick with it.

I picked up a couple of LOs to start, but can't give an honest opinion on them because I ended up trying a Delta Frost around the same time and decided that I preferred that sound. I didn't really give the LOs a chance.

Anyway, just wanted to throw out a welcome to you and assure you that you're not the only woman here.

cruisinharp re: Just Starting   Jul-03-05 3:21am
Niki, i learned totally from internet site lessons. and i am terrible about practicing. i'd probably be an excellent player by now if i had the discipline to practice. that said, i play in a band and my band mates seem to love it. hang around here and you'll pick up tons of good info.
jabawaki re: Just Starting   Jun-23-05 8:51pm
Harmonicas are a matter of opinion - Nissan vs. Toyota – particularly once you get past the low end stuff, they are a matter of preference.

The majority of the time I play a Lee Oskar and enjoy it . Others play Honer Special 20’s and really like them. Both are considered the ‘usual’ blues choice, but there are also others. I also play a Honer miesterclass that I really really like.

The most important thing is playing the one you like the best.

pcguyiv re: Just Starting   Jun-23-05 8:51pm
Greetings and Salutations!

As far as why you don't see many women harmonica players....I have no idea.

As far as is the Lee Oskar a good harp? Yes, it's just not my favorite, but is quite adequate for anyone from beginner to expert.

As far as joining the "club"...Well, if they'll let me in, they'll let anybody in.


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