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Taxi re: Note Bending   Mar-19-05 5:49pm
It must be a chromatic tuner, i got my one of E-Bay for 12 sterling. it was a Korg model.
Concho re: Note Bending   Mar-19-05 4:38am
A chromatic tuner will work fine for any insturment. It is called a chromatic tuner because it tunes to all notes of the scale. I use a Korg Chromatic tuner and it was under $30. Most music stores will have them.
Brett G re: Note Bending   Mar-19-05 4:04am
couple of questions:
1) can this device be used for diatonic harps as well?
2) where can i get one?
3) how much do they cost?

Taxi re: Note Bending   Mar-16-05 3:40pm
Ihave found by buying a chromatic tuner a great help to me in getting those bent notes correct.For example you can see draw 4 go from D to C sharp. Also it has help me to get draw 2 on a C harp correct.Before i had the tuner ,draw 2 also sounded F or F sharp. Its is a great tool for us novices

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