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cherokeeladee re: I've Got a Question   Feb-02-05 5:56am
Pete, thank you for the tips. I am diffently teachable and willing to learn all I can. =)
ginanddiatonic re: I've Got a Question   Feb-02-05 3:23am
I find that if I take the time to break a harmonica in properly, I get much more endurance out of them. I start by playing just blow chords in the upper register for 15 minutes a day for 1 week, same with the draw chords. I continue to work my way up and down the harp over the course of three weeks. Then I start playing single clear notes using the same procedure, no bends, no overblows, just light even air pressure. I've done this for so long that I now begin to "feel" the harp breaking in to my style of playing. I know everyone wants to jump in playing everything right away, I was no different, however believe me when I say breaking in a harmonica will greatly increase it's longevity. I own enough harps now, that I can take the time to break them in properly without having to sacrifice the time needed because I need a particular harp right away. I try to stay at least three deep in the keys that I use the most, and have back up for everything else. They won't last forever with out cleaning, tuning, etc, but with a little thought and some TLC, you can enjoy your harps for some time. Peace
cherokeeladee re: I've Got a Question   Feb-01-05 8:44pm
Well, I do play mine twice a day, about an hour each time. I have 8 harmonicas but I use my Hohner more than any of the others. I have not really used them too much, maybe once or twice. Thanks again Ralph. =)
Ralpht re: I've Got a Question   Feb-01-05 8:24pm
It mostly depends on how hard and how often you use it. If you're playing professionally and doing a lot of gigs every week you can maybe figure in the weeks of harmonica life. If you play at home occasionally and don't do a lot of hard playing with alot of hard bends you can figure in years of harp life. I play mostly straight harp and carry one with me all the time.I play at least a little bit every day and i have harps that are 3 years old and are just like new.
cherokeeladee re: I've Got a Question   Feb-01-05 8:09pm
How long will a Harmonica last? If you take good care of it, will it last for years?

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