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 Smokey Bar Room
May-10-05 7:28pm  

Well recorded another song with that Audacity program. I first put the rythm guitar on the 1st track. Then the 2nd track I put some bass. The 3rd and 4th I put the drums.The 5th I played a little lead guitar with an accoustic. And 6th I put the some piano.The 7th I put a littel organ and the 8th I put some harp.
Anyway, it's called Smokey Bar Room and it is the 5th song on elmo profile.
You guys that have mics really need this little program. It is so easy to use and fast.
And puts out a good sound.
Give it a listen and let me know what yaw thank.

[ Edited: May-10-05 1:34pm by ELMO ]


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