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 File Upload Size
Oct-17-05 6:50pm  

The file size limit for upload is currently at 1.1 Mb. This means that you can upload a 1 Mb file easily but a 1.1 might not take.

The limit had been at 4.0 Mb but it dawned on me that we cant maintain it at that level. I used to switch it up to 4 for members back when it was only possible to upload 6 songs per member.

The site is currently using 710.08 MB of space and we are allowed to go as high as 1.2 Gb.
This means that we have 490 Mb of space left. If we leave the limit at 4 Mb per song 6 new members with 20 songs uploaded would fill the site. Bad things happen if we exceed 1.2 Gb

The previous hosting plan was costing us $19.95 per month and only allowed us 800 Mb
The current plan we are on costs $26.95 per month and allows us the 1.2 Gb
The next plan up is a dedicated server that would allow us 80 Gb. The only problem with that is that it will cost $179.00 per month and we cant afford it right now.

I know that this is a bit of a nuisance right now but we need to concentrate on figuring out how to compress sound files. Another option would be to reduce the amount of songs that a member is able to put on his profile. (donít like that idea)

I donít know much about recording so it would be great if some of you were to suggest a few ideas. I did notice that if you broadcast a sound file into the chat room and record it at the same time the file size drops by about 75%, and there is not too much of a difference in sound quality.
Previous discussion at http://www.harmonicaclub.com/cg...l?topic=A3,4889

All ideas are welcome.


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