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• In reply to:  Chakra  (post id #4578)
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Chakra re: Chakra takes his seat   Sept-18-05 8:51pm
Know what you mean guv. Sometimes I just can't put those 10-holes down, but I ain't picked mine up for 2 bloody weeks for some reason! Not that i've started sleeping eating or bathing regularly in it's place.

Need to start listening to the music that always gets me reaching for my harp again. Or maybe switching to decaf coffee was a bad idea, 'cos I just ain't got the energy. :( *yawn*
spider re: Chakra takes his seat   Sept-18-05 7:34pm
yo chaka man well, well ,well we got ya hooked !watch out man these harps are habit forming. i myself can quit at anytime , but i do it so i wont do something non constructive with my time . ya know like sleep, eat , and bathe regular , or some of those other bad habits people get into . yep im not hooked i can put it down and walk away ! as long as i can reach it quickly before the next tune starts.

[edit][ Edited: Sept-18-05 1:36pm by spider ][/edit]
bear re: Chakra takes his seat   Sept-17-05 9:31pm

Bout time you decided to come over to this side of the tracks. We need young'uns like you here.

Dont foreget to hook up your mic and join us in the chatroom on Thursday. You can still join in if you dont have a mic but with a mic we can talk you into playing a few tunes for us hookies.........
strnm re: Chakra takes his seat   Sept-17-05 8:08pm
Hi Chakra!!

Im very happy now that I see that you have joined us. I read some of your posts, and I think that you are a very good player, I really liked when you tabbed "Diggin my potatoe".

Hope to see (heard) you in the Voice Chat!
Chakra re: Chakra takes his seat   Sept-17-05 6:32pm
'ello peeps.

Always did love this site and forum, helped me alot, and now I get to discover a whole other side to it. Fantastic.

Can't say I got anything recorded to show off here yet, but I look forward to hoarding the stuff you guys've dished out!

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