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• In reply to:  bear  (post id #4328)
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BlindBob re: Timbobs says hello   Oct-24-05 2:18am
Timbob,, sounds familiar...I know. Online jam..Glad to hear ya timbobs
seamus re: Timbobs says hello   Aug-10-05 8:24pm
Welcome to the site Timbobs, had a great time in the chat room last time. Hope to see you again.
Ps: I'm working on expanding profile limit from 6 to 20 songs as we mentioned. I'm trying to set it up so each member has another page that will look something like an album. One picture and room for 20 songs listed. This would be at an easier address to remember than current profile pages.

[edit][ Edited: Aug-10-05 8:34pm by seamus ][/edit]
bear re: Timbobs says hello   Aug-10-05 6:34am

It might be best if newbies did not listen to TimBob play his harp. It just might scar them for life.

I've saved copies of his songs to my own computer. I may never be able to make a harp sound like TimBob dose but at least I can listen to how a master does it.
spider re: Timbobs says hello   Aug-09-05 11:30am
to anyone whom doesnt know this man checkout his profile and prepare to be both amazed and dazzled . all i can say he is without a doubt one of the best i ever heard, and a goal is to play in his style and try and find his rich tones and tremendous creativity timbob you are most welcome here!! as i always say when you play IM NOT WORTHY.
ELMO re: Timbobs says hello   Aug-09-05 3:57am
Oh yeah!
You da man. Man, I really enjoyed your playin' the other night. You are a brilliant player. You 've given me inspiration. I'm starting to practice more. I have dabbled with the harp but now I want to play like you.

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