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• In reply to:  born2  (post id #4305)
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born2 re: Introducing myself   Aug-17-05 9:12pm
Thank-You all for the nice welcome. I look forward to chatting. This is a wonderful site-I've already picked up some new songs.

Thank You
bear re: Introducing myself   Aug-09-05 8:00pm

Hello Scott, ya got the bear here my friend. Glade to have you aboard. Looking forward to hearing you play. Maybe we can learn a little from each other.

By the way, we have a "Voice" chatroom here at the club and we gather together on Thrusday nights (and other times) and play for each other to get advice, help, and encouragement from each other. Come and join us there as well.
pcguyiv re: Introducing myself   Aug-09-05 6:21pm
Greetings & Welcome!

You've come to the right place if you're interested in furthering your abilities. Everyone around here is quite helpful and you can glean a lot of information from them.

Ralpht re: Introducing myself   Aug-09-05 2:24am
Welcome Scott,
I think you're going to like it here! Nice meeting you and hope to see you around here a lot.
ELMO re: Introducing myself   Aug-08-05 8:24pm
Howdy and welcome.
This is a good club with lots of good folks. Lookin' forward to gettin' to know ya.

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