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sirfin re: New member from down under   Dec-16-04 2:30am
Welcome to the club David. You are among friends. I never had any idea how many harp players the were before I became a member. I also live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA in Portland, Oregon.
spider re: New member from down under   Dec-14-04 11:19am
welcome david or should i say as i have before (gidday mate). glad you joined us to learn and have fun . as well as share our harping experiences with each other. only keep a close eye on elmo and bear they have a tendency to go a little wild on you at times. no one need tell you this it will become apparent with time. and just an (fyi) seamus is actually pronouced (shamus). I am the spider here, and there, as well there, and so on so welcome to the webb.oh yeah and sometimes ralph gets a little frisky also! later bro welcome.
bear re: New member from down under   Dec-14-04 4:22am
Don't forget the bear! Who lives on top of a mountain in the Great Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina USA.

And your right David, this internet stuff is mind boggling. we can actully go into the Voice Chatroom and talk to people all over the world at the same time.
Its Fantabulously Wonderfullistic
Ralpht re: New member from down under   Dec-13-04 9:03pm
Hey David,
Nice to meet you! We have a couple of other upside down guys in the club so watch out for them.Now you can exchange notes with a guy from the great northwest of the U.S.A. too.
djb21au re: New member from down under   Dec-13-04 8:52pm
Thanks to all of you for your kind and welcoming words. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing! How else could I be comparing notes with people from the UK and Texas all in the same day?

I look forward to sharing my progress and hearing about yours.

Kind regards,
(upside down) David

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