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• In reply to:  bear  (post id #1643)
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spider re: And I'm In!!!   Dec-04-04 9:20am
yo bro , WELCOME MATT good to see you in here when you get a chance try out the voice chat room it works as an instructional tool as well as a chance to get to know members of the club. we are always glad to welcome and help everyone tell your mom and dad you,re safe in here we have several members watching to keep it dedicated to learning the harp and advancing the brotherhood of the harpslingers and sisterhood .
ELMO re: And I'm In!!!   Dec-04-04 4:17am
Hay Mat,
Great to have you aboard! This is a great club with some great people. You'll make a lot of friends here. I know I have.There is a lot of talent in here and if one don't know the answer to a question you can bet the next one will have the answer.We also cut up a lot with each other. Lots of fun.
best wishes,
bear re: And I'm In!!!   Dec-03-04 10:33pm

Hello [img]http://www.boomspeed.com/bearbro54/A-bear-01.gif[/img] Matt, Welcome to the club. Glade to have you aboard myfriend.

I'm looking forwards to hearing you play. who knows I may just learn somthing. This is the place for us begginers to learn my friend. If one of the other members can't answer a question some one will know where to go to find the answer.

[pre] the bear [img]http://www.boomspeed.com/bearbro54/EmotiPad/bounchy-bear-slow.gif[/img] said that [/pre]
sirfin re: And I'm In!!!   Dec-03-04 9:30pm
Welcom to the club mathew. I think that you will enjoy it here and get alot of good instruction from the guys.
jim :)
mjhs re: And I'm In!!!   Dec-03-04 8:47pm
Hey guys - got my parents to join me up on their visa as my switch wouldn't work - trying you out for a month but I reckon i will be here for the long game ;)

Looking forward to recording some songs and sharing with you guys!

I've been playing for 6 weeks but play for about 3 hours a day! I got interested in the harmonica enough to go out and buy one after meeting a Irish performer called Brian Houston! Dude that guy rocks!


[edit][ Edited: Dec-03-04 3:11pm by mjhs ][/edit]

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