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• In reply to:  spider  (post id #5199)
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spider re: I Got My Eyes On You   Oct-27-05 2:24am
now you got me rolling and tumbling wow dude you got a great voice for this sorta stuff youre playing an xb thats incrediable another really good charlie. however i do beleive you would have a little easier time with a diatonic those xb,s are a little diffcult to start of with i know i tried. but hey as we say in texas (yall dune good} dont forget charlie thursday night live jamm folks from everywhere come here to listen play and ask questions its a lot of fun and you can really learn a lot some come join us tomarrow night thursday night if nothing else you can let others listen to the 2 songs you just did, i have a son your age his name is joshua i dont think he,s as good as you but he,s trying.
spider re: I Got My Eyes On You   Oct-27-05 2:13am
hey charlie you might just need to rinse it out i doubt if it has a broken reeds you probly dont play it that hard yet but it can get things in it that stop it up rinse it out both thruogh the blow in as well as from the front with really warm water then tap out the excess water and play it a bit to make sure all the water is out this should flush out whatever it is. and set it back on the right track.

[edit][ Edited: Oct-26-05 8:13pm by spider ][/edit]
charliew re: I Got My Eyes On You   Oct-27-05 1:36am
also: I finally uploaded Rollin' and Tumblin'.

charliew re: I Got My Eyes On You   Oct-27-05 1:32am
thanks...I actually wasn't using a metronome because I have no idea how they work....

you might be able to help with this problem though: my hohner XB-40 extreme bending harp stopped being able to do hole 3 draw bends. It just makes no sound. have I broken the reed somehow? thanks

spider re: I Got My Eyes On You   Oct-27-05 1:28am
tooooo coooooooolll dude did you say your name was charlie terry, no wait sonny charlie. nice bro very nice good singing nice filler harp and impeckable timing i guess you used a metranome i really like it bro a really great and full of talented job.

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