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• In reply to:  Ralpht  (post id #3609)
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Mr_Wrong re: new upload   May-26-05 3:42pm
A classic. Nice work. My wife came in while I was playing it and stayed to listen to the whole song. We both liked it a lot.

Thanks Larry.

ELMO re: new upload   May-24-05 9:32pm
Hay Ralph and Jim,
You guys made my day. Many thanks
Ralpht re: new upload   May-24-05 3:40am
Thanks for the great tune Larry,
I was at work when i first played it and before i knew it i was leaning back in my chair, hands behind my head, eyes closed and just enjoying. Made my day!
Thanks again,
sirfin re: new upload   May-24-05 3:18am
Realy nice Elmo.
Like bear said "be-u-t-i-ful.
Do you do all the instumental parts too.
Thank you Elmo.
ELMO re: new upload   May-24-05 1:21am
I thank you my friend!

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