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• In reply to:  spider  (post id #3300)
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spider re: Static   Apr-04-05 2:55am
and all this time i thought you couldnt do crossharp ralph im impressed nice touch . just the right chord work to accent the cross bends really a ,as we have come to expect stellar attempt nice touch ralph. y
sirfin re: Static   Apr-03-05 6:50pm
Way to blow the ol harp ralph.
You'r getting to wail now.
ELMO re: Static   Apr-03-05 4:42pm
WAX GONE!! there is an old joke about earwax but we can't tell it in here.
Sounds good Ralph! Keep after it.
bear re: Static   Apr-03-05 12:14am
sounds much much better Ralph.
Now maybe if Elmo cleans the wax out of his ears he will be able to hear ya playing.

[edit][ Edited: Apr-02-05 6:16pm by bear ][/edit]
Ralpht re: Static   Apr-02-05 10:03pm
Hi everybody,
Just wanted to let everyone know that i fixed the static problem on that blues attempt i did.

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