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• In reply to:  seamus  (post id #5172)
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bear re: Tiny Code's   Oct-26-05 6:23am
BBcodes, [pre] or HTML <pre>
Anything that will work. If possible.
seamus re: Tiny Code's   Oct-26-05 12:23am
Will try to set it up like you are saying.
Bear, are you talking about using the [pre]
tags from BBcode.

But cant promice anything BBcode realy only applies to the message board
cb242 re: Tiny Code's   Oct-25-05 2:59am
I think it would be the most important improvement to the site if the tab could be placed where the author wishes it to be, not crowded to the left.This site should be able to boast of itself as the number 1 site for harp tab.
seamus re: Tiny Code's   Oct-23-05 4:22pm
I understand what you mean. Not sure if it's possible. Will have to think about it.
bear re: Tiny Code's   Oct-22-05 10:43pm
Seamus is it possible to set it up so that the Tiny Code will work in the tab pages so I can use the Prefomated tag?

It looks so much neater and so much easier for someone to fellow if the hole numbers are with the words they belong to.

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