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• In reply to:  Delboy  (post id #5025)
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bear re: New look_Riffs   Oct-16-05 8:43pm
No problem my friend. There is a lot of stuff here at the club and its sometimes hard to know where everything is. I spend a lot of time here and I have not found everything yet........LOL
Delboy re: New look_Riffs   Oct-16-05 8:33pm
Thanks for that Billyray
bear re: New look_Riffs   Oct-16-05 7:45pm
Hey Joe, we already have that feature here at the club. You can upload your favourit Riffs to your "Profile" and/or to the "Archives".
Delboy re: New look_Riffs   Oct-16-05 11:54am
Maybe a new section can be developed where members can upload there Favourite Riffs, New riffs?

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