To post your video on you need to start a new topic on our Discussion Forum.

To be sure you post in the right place you can use this Post My Video button (you will need to be logged in)

Please copy, paste, and complete, the following template into your new topic so as to assist our site editors in listing and categorizing your video.

Categories are: Chromatic, Diatonic and Tremolo (you may also suggest new categories)
Subcategories are: Classical, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock, Pop and Lessons (suggest a new subcategory)
  • If you are posting tab or a backing-track/midi with your video, you should submit them as attachments in your topic.
  • Tab should be submitted as a .txt file, in the following format. You can use NotePad to prepare your tab.
  • If you save the following tab "Beautiful Dreamer" to your desktop, it should open in NotePad as an example.
  • If you have used a MIDI file as a backing track please submit that too. Members can delete the vocal track and play along to it.
  • Submissions that include Tab or MIDI files will get preference as featured articles on our Home Page, as these entries best help new members to learn your song. Check out our submissions that include tab.