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RedHL replied to the topic 'Hello all!' in the forum. 19 hours 22 minutes ago

Awesome! thanks for the info!



Spent all morning so far tabbing out 'He's ain't heavy, he's my brother' by the Hollies. Now to make it a) interesting and b) bluesy. Bloomin'... Show more

AndyT replied to the topic 'Hello all!' in the forum. 19 hours 35 minutes ago

Hi Red

I enjoyed some of Mitch's videos and found them very interesting.

I used to use www.harptabs.com/, which is ok, but can be a little frustrating. But it's good for a start, glad you are noticing improvements.

If you go to the links part of this site there are quite a few. I tend to tab my own. It's hard work but pays off learning wise, but requires harps in all keys. At the moment follow tabs, listen to the originals and just enjoy as you do.

I've only had one book, Rock'n'Blues Harmonica from Jon Gindick. It's good, but pitched in a way that i didn't get along with. I got a 'Blues Harmonica for dummies' book from the library, and it was really quite good. Though by then, I was comfortable with much of the basic stuff. I've heard the normal 'harmonica for dummies' is also good. So I'd advise you to check them out.



RedHL has a new profile cover. 21 hours 12 minutes ago
RedHL replied to the topic 'Hello all!' in the forum. 21 hours 35 minutes ago

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the info! Much appreciated. I've been having a blast so far, so I'm excited to keep learning. I've been following the Mitch Grainger lessons on youtube and they seem to be working pretty good. I'm working on the scale (holes 4-7) and my "you are my sunshine" is slowly improving! Woohoo!
Also, Do you know of any good sites for tabs? And/or books?



Henry added a video. yesterday

Puttin' On The Ritz 'F' 'D' & 'G'

Seydel Deluxe Chromatic Harmonica. Backing track from Performance World.

SWAPAN DEB Sweet.....sweet...and....sweet. What a melody!! yesterday
harpsquealer replied to the topic 'Membership Drive' in the forum. yesterday

Maybe it's not just the dabblers. I for one have seasons of harmonica. I'll be playing it pretty much everyday, but then school gets busy and it falls by the wayside. I've been playing for awhile, so I'm not a dabbler, but I'm certainly not high up the harmonica ladder yet. So I'd say, consolidating the dabblers but encouraging the others like me.

keep on harpsquealin'!



jack5 replied to the topic 'My heart beat affects tone on slow notes?' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks for your thoughtful replies!
It's funny because my blood pressure is quite low and I always come out with flying colors from medical checkups (had one recently). I'll look into it further to see if it is a normal condition. Vibrato does mask the issue very well and I use a lot being a former violin/fiddle player. It would be nice if I didn't have the problem but it wont deter me from continuing to play.



AndyT replied to the topic 'Hello all!' in the forum. yesterday

Hi Red

Welcome to the Harmonica. Right, a few days in, here is what you MUST do. Enjoy it. The rest follows.

If yo want some things to aim for I'll give you a brief list:
1. Get used to making noise through the harmonica - breathing in and out through it. DO NOT force any air, just breathe normally.
2. Start to focus on getting a clear single note either by pushing the harp as far into your mouth as possible and blocking off unused holes with your tongue (tongue blocking) or pushing the harp as far into your mouth as possible and puckering your lips to close off the surrounding holes (Lip blocking). This may take you a while. Goto the Lessons part of this site for some hints, but there are also plenty of lessons on Youtube.
3. Listen to music.
4. Find some basic tunes you like and learn them.
5. Be patient.
6. Take loads of breaks.
7. Practise.
Good luck and welcome



RedHL created a new topic ' Hello all!' in the forum. yesterday

Hi, just started learning the harmonica in the last couple days and found this site while looking for learning resources. thought this should be a good place to get info.


keith replied to the topic 'Membership Drive' in the forum. 2 days ago

It's the dabblers that we need to consolidate.
That's me at the moment, haven't quite got the bug yet.. ;)

(When the long nights come, that's likely when I'll get going.)


Suave_Blues_Man replied to the topic 'Hohner CX12 Jazz Harmonica' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hello chromonut,

There are about sixty positive reviews to be had over in the Slidemeister website. Check them out!


Register and enjoy!

Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man


chromonut shared a photo. 2 days ago
chromonut created a new topic ' Hohner CX12 Jazz Harmonica' in the forum. 2 days ago

Any views on above harmonica (Hohner CX12 Jazz). Considering buying one !


Marcy replied to the topic 'Membership Drive' in the forum. 2 days ago

Sounds like it was a fun place to be. Definitely something to look forward to.


Marcy replied to the topic 'My heart beat affects tone on slow notes?' in the forum. 2 days ago

I agree Jack, it's thoughtful questions like yours that keep the site interesting--so keep them coming.
You know, if it really is your heartbeat that's bothering you, it's a pretty tricky problem to get rid of. You might try adding some vibrato to those longer notes with your diaphragm or hands.


SWAPAN DEB thanked AndyT in topic New Member 2 days ago
SWAPAN DEB replied to the topic 'New Member' in the forum. 2 days ago

Again I am here for that I forgot to say, I often play my Suzuki Melodica and already recorded an Indian song with my son(20). He is a Piano player, have been playing since last 12 years approx.
My Melodica is a very beautiful looking and nice sounding instrument. Apart from sound, I am very much obsessed about the instrument what I play that must be a good looking. That's why all my harps are good looking. Ha..ha..ha...

Have a nice day.