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AndyT replied to the topic 'Blues songs or tabs to practice' in the forum. 2 hours 25 minutes ago

Hi Bruce

I find a good one is St Louis Blues. There are some bends in it if you can do that.

I've lost the tab but will work it out again soon.

Some inspiration: youtu.be/tbzyQ6wjgdY

And an example:


I tabbed from Gus's version.

It's very basic but you can really get a bluesy feel after only a few plays.



Clogger thanked JamesA in topic Hi there! --- I'm James (seamus) 3 hours 53 minutes ago
Harmlessonica replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 5 hours 11 minutes ago

JamesA wrote:

LOL... I was hoping someone might tell me this was a good idea :)

It is a good idea James - just maybe not the best idea in the long term.

Admittedly, I joined the old site much later than most, so perhaps I have less sentimental attachment to it...

I would have loved to see the old content merged with the new site, but you've already mentioned that it wasn't feasible.

I've seen other forums where a separate forum is created as an archive for older posts... and while it may not be possible to import the posts directly to the new forum, perhaps a compromise would be to have a link to the old content somewhere which resides on a sub-domain of the new site.

In other words, the old info will be available to those who would like access to it, but the new site will still be the home for the Harmonica Club.


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 7 hours 16 minutes ago

As a member I try to give information as comes off the top of my head, I don't research
answers, or peruse other sites for my answers. I do my best to relay the knowledge as it
pertains to the question from what I have gleaned from years of playing. There are others
however who go above and beyond my meager efforts, researching other sites, videos, or
any means to bring the information asked for, and I applaud these individuals. I was asked
years ago by "The Great One" here at the HC if I could produce tabs for the site. I, like so
many(everyone?) else used tabs early in my development but had moved on to more advanced
techniques that I had no idea then, or now, how to tab. I tried, the sheer volume of explanation
involved in getting my tabs to fruition was ultimately (for me) overwhelming. I could not for
example accurately tab a growl, or monkey swing, or tongue slap, (still don't).
But there are those who did this work without fanfare, John Broecher, for his exemplary work
as our resident "Historian", Knud, who would painstakingly TAB tunes for those who were
stymied in their attempts to find help elsewhere. I myself, in my anal retentive way followed
Knuds tabs and Mr. Johns instructions toward scalar and modal playing, both these cats deserve
to be recognized for their inspired work that is/was extremely helpful, and to my ears spot on
Reed Smith


StreetPlayerDude replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 9 hours 11 minutes ago

Please! Don't throw away and/or get rid off all the history and how much fun we all had from the Harmonica Club since its inception many years ago! To throw away any of a decade's or so of work from a genius forecaster as Seamus has shown everyone to be in the Harmonica Universe as a whole - To loose any of the magnificent wonderful videos/lessons/conversations et al. not to mention the sheer input and impact HC over lo these many years had on the global Harmonic Universe as a whole would be! Sure, there are many enough of us here who want/will communicate with newbies. But still, we of course always want to maintain/hold the many deep threads woven and life-time friendships/camaraderie already established through the HC and beyond!

Please! Our greatest beloved treasure and HC harmonica historian who ever graced our pages for all these many years of pleasure and most entertaining information - Dr John_Broeker lives! Please keep his memories and all he contributed alive!

Change and progress may be good in some things. But in HC - one of the greatest places on Earth for many years to be a part of and in - maybe not so much now!, eh?!

Am just saying, huh?!



Suave_Blues_Man replied to the topic 'Tongue Switching' in the forum. 10 hours 4 minutes ago

Go to this page for a more complete explanation:


Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man


Doc Reid created a new topic ' Hi from Texas' in the forum. 12 hours 55 minutes ago

I've only been trying to blow a harp for a couple of weeks now and I know just enough to be dangerous....and not in a good way...lol But it seems to get better every day. This has been on my bucket list for years and am finally in a position to be able to do something about it. I'm glad that I found this site where I can learn from y'all and hopefully not feel too dumb when I ask dumb questions.
I am certainly looking forward to watching y'alls videos and listening to what you have to say and will certainly appreciate any advice and words of wisdom y'all might care to offer.


BruceRoscoe created a new topic ' Blues songs or tabs to practice' in the forum. 13 hours 23 minutes ago

Since so many of you have abilities on the harmonica that go way above mine. What would you suggest is a good beginners blues song or scale to practice. I sure would appreciate your help. I have gone on the web to look around but I felt this would be my best 1st stop.



JamesA replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 14 hours 44 minutes ago

LOL... I was hoping someone might tell me this was a good idea :)


Harmlessonica replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 14 hours 56 minutes ago

In my humble opinion that would be a bad idea; not only in terms of work for yourself James, but also it would essentially divide the traffic of users between the two sites. Some users may have time for two such sites, but in general that scenario would be doing a disservice to both.

There's always going to be some dissent when something people are used to is changed through necessity, but in time they will get used to those changes and hopefully learn to like it just as much.


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Eric33 replied to the topic 'Hello everyone' in the forum. yesterday

Hi Gav nice to see your name on the members list and welcome to the new club.I have been trying to get on for ages as there are quite a tunes that i hope to enter when i can get someone to show me.Regards Eric33.


JamesA replied to the topic 'Typo on Home Page' in the forum. yesterday

Good catch. Will fix it when I get home


Shamrock replied to the topic 'Hello from "the Dutch mountains"' in the forum. yesterday

Last week I bought this beauty, a Hohner Mellow Tone by Toots Thielemans. Really a jewel to see and hear ;)


AndyT replied to the topic 'New Member - Hi Ya'll' in the forum. yesterday

Hi dam

Welcome.20 songs since January is quite an achievement. Keep it up.



OE Stone created a new topic ' Typo on Home Page' in the forum. yesterday

As a new member, I was reading a lot on the site today and noticed that there is a typo on the Home page which needs a quick correction. This is the first line we see:

Welcome to HarmoinicaClub.com

Hope this is useful.


dsmharpster created a new topic ' New Member - Hi Ya'll' in the forum. yesterday

Hi All, new member from Des Moines, IA. Glad to be part of the club, looking forward to learning much. Newbie to the harp, started in January, know about 20 simple songs, newest one learned to day - Yellow Submarine. Looking forward to getting into the blues...


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Overblow on Hole Six' in the forum. yesterday

You don't need tape, use your index finger to stop the blow reed, try it on
holes 1 and 4 too.


JamesA replied to the topic 'From the west' in the forum. yesterday

Welcome Bruce. You remind me how convenient and inexpensive it is to take up Harmonica. It doesn't take a lot of commitment. A half an hour a day will bring the rewards :)


JamesA replied to the topic 'great new idea' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks George for what you say. It does me good feel appreciated :)
Not everything is working properly yet though. The sites mail sserver seems to think that a lot of the notification mail is spam and is returning it to my admin account. But this is just a teething problem and we'll get it ironed out :)