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spideryak replied to the topic 'Microphones' in the forum. 22 minutes ago

When I was asking for advice as to which type of mic to use.
I was told a bullet style for playing with elec guitars and what not. and a Shure Sm 58 for playing with acoustic and vocals . Sometimes you'll see people play harp through the bullet style and then the 58 style for vocals.

For the bullet style I use the Red Howler, not a particular favorite but I like the way that style fits the hands so nicely.
(with the other style it brings it also to the question of which mic stand preference etc)

....rereading your question I realize I must say "no I haven't used that particular mic that you were asking about..


Crawforde replied to the topic 'Microphones' in the forum. 41 minutes ago

I do not play amplified, I get enough requests to stop when practicing as quietly as possible.
Most people seem to love anything from Blows me Away.
They often get discussed over at modern blues harmonica.
I believe the Ultimate 545 is what Jason Ricci plays, he seems to know what he is doing. I also assume he could make anything, harmonica or microphone or acorn cap, sound good.
The 545 is a popular model all by itself, after the treatment to make it Ultimate, it can only get better. And it gets a red handle. When I was selling canoes and kayaks years ago I told a customer once in jest, "the red ones are faster....." I had to spend a long time convincing him it made no difference.
To me, for all tools, gear, harmonicas, etc., I look for durability and comfort during use once I have narrowed the field down by quality. It seems to save time and money in the long run. Given that companies reputation I would think it a safe choice, but the tone of a 545 might be much different from what you are used to . The bulletini is more of a bullet style and is less expensive...
Let us know what you do and what you think! Eventually I'm going to want to get loud and chase the kids out ;)


Marcy added a video. 1 hour 21 minutes ago

Canaan's Land / Where the Soul Never Dies - on...

Here's one of our favorite old gospel songs called "Canaan's Land" or "Where the Soul Never Dies". Jeff's playing clawhammer banjo and Marcy's...

Eric33 has liked a Video 4 hours 10 minutes ago

It's Delovely

Practice hour on Suzuki Chromatix 48hole key "C"

SWAPAN DEB replied to the topic 'Microphones' in the forum. 4 hours 22 minutes ago

Hi Lithy, my view on microphone is good sound or a brilliantly playing a song through mic depends on skill of playing and quality of harp not the mic. A standard mic is enough for harp playing. I himself do use a standard Indian mic at the time of recording only. So, I think only 10 percent depend on mic for good playing. I never concentrate on mic for harp playing. This is my personal view ofcourse, some may be defer.


Lithy created a new topic ' Microphones' in the forum. 6 hours 19 minutes ago

Hi Gents.

Any of you savvy with all the different microphones on the market?

I currently have 2 mics, a Green Bullet 520DX and a fabulous little 'Bottle o' Blues' I bought from the US... best few dollars I ever spent on this little gem.
Was thinking of purchasing a Bulletizer Shure Ultimate 545 from Blowsmeaway Productions in the US. Have any of you had any comments from harp players using this microphone or heard anyone performing with it?



Lithy replied to the topic 'New tab request' in the forum. 7 hours 1 minute ago

Thanks gents for your input. Most appreciated.
Will have to play around with it. Will transfer the song onto my amazing slowdowner app and chip away at it.




SWAPAN DEB replied to the topic 'New tab request' in the forum. 8 hours 33 minutes ago

What a harp playing!!


A brief look at learning tongue blocking and my struggle to learn it. (www.theharmonicablog.com/two-years-ago/)

Two Years Ago

Watching players improve is like watching the grass grow. At a band concert in the eighth grade, my band teacher told the audience that watching…

Marcy So true! That's a fun blog. Thanks for sharing it here. 1 hour 23 minutes ago
SWAPAN DEB replied to the topic 'Hohner CX12 Jazz Harmonica' in the forum. 9 hours 26 minutes ago

Hi Vicmale, thanks for your valuable advice. Actually, I am having some drawback. I can't read music and a left-hander also. So, I have to research on chromatic before even thinking on every purchase......swapan


Tootler replied to the topic 'Harmonica for folk music' in the forum. 14 hours 30 minutes ago

Harmlessonica wrote:

jeremyh wrote:
Good question, we play a fast jig set (not so fast when we do it :) ) From the New Country/Blackthorn Stick/Irish Washerwoman -so G/A/G I would need to quickly swap harmonicas -although there's no break between tunes.

Irish Washerwoman is one of my main practice tunes for improving speed playing and utilising the higher holes I normally avoid. Fun tune, even at slower speeds.

Re key switching... manual harp switching is quite a skill, but here's another approach which might interest you...


That's and interesting harp in the video. Switching between D & G just by moving the slide is going to be easier than swapping harps. I'll have to look into it, though I've too much invested in my present collection just now but maybe as reeds go I might think about one. Depends on price.


Tootler replied to the topic 'Harmonica for folk music' in the forum. 14 hours 34 minutes ago

Marcy wrote:

This is great info, Tootler. Thanks. Do you find it tricky switching from one tuning to another?
Very cool about the band, Andy. That will be a blast, I bet.

Sorry for the delay replying.

In answer to your question, I don't have problems switching tunings. I tend to choose the tuning that best suits the tune I'm playing. Modal tunes work well on melody maker harps, I am using Seydel Orchestra harps for tunes in D. They are a little different and took a little getting used to. Tunes in G I used paddy richter tuning.


vicmale replied to the topic 'Hohner CX12 Jazz Harmonica' in the forum. 20 hours 51 minutes ago

Hello Swapan

There is no difference in playing whether you use sheet music or tab. The sound is louder with a cross slide as the holes are larger. There is a little more distance when you push the slide in or out. Unless you play extremely fast, the last point is unnoticeable.



Eric33 replied to the topic 'Songs on the chromatic harmonica' in the forum. 22 hours 32 minutes ago

Hi Sarge, I liked your rendition of "Up a Lazy River" and especially your improvisation .i am not a lover of vamping,as I stopped that years ago,but you put it over very nicely.Well Done.Eric33. I would appreciate it if you could play it again without the vamping.


SWAPAN DEB replied to the topic 'Hohner CX12 Jazz Harmonica' in the forum. 22 hours 32 minutes ago

Thanks Vicmale. Then I think straight slide will be easier for me, because of in case of cross slide I have to change or practice a bit on my playing style.


Knud replied to the topic 'New tab request' in the forum. 22 hours 44 minutes ago

spideryak wrote:

Seems like G harmonica, so I'm thinking it's in the key of D

The key is definitely D.

Could be a G harmonica (played in 2. position) or maybe a C-harmonica (played in 3. position).


jeremyh replied to the topic 'Songs on the chromatic harmonica' in the forum. 22 hours 54 minutes ago

Reminds me of a calliope -in a good way :)


jeremyh replied to the topic 'Wabash Cannonball February Song of the MonthThe Wa' in the forum. 23 hours 4 minutes ago

That's a great book, I think my copy has vanished into the other half's lockup, but she's excavating that so I may see the book again one day, Might get it out of the library in the meantime.


spideryak replied to the topic 'New tab request' in the forum. 23 hours 15 minutes ago

I'll update that last post a little now that I played around with it a bit.
Seems like G harmonica, so I'm thinking it's in the key of D
(I had the best luck with holes 2 thru 5)

That's how it seems to shape up for me, I'm curious if I'm correct...so 'I may be wrong 'disclaimer...heh