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BruceRoscoe replied to the topic 'Greetings from Rochester, New York' in the forum. 1 hour 21 minutes ago

Hey JP I'll be 67 in August and not to go with the harmonica yet. but in 2025 I'm going to start a Ragamuffin band and do the same as your going to do in senior living centers, just on the other end of the country. I figure if I practice real hard in ten years and the residence are hard of hearing, we'll do great.



jpkelly created a new topic ' Greetings from Rochester, New York' in the forum. 1 hour 31 minutes ago

Hello Group,

I'm a 64 year old burnout learning to play a Seydel Saxony chromatic harmonica. I formerly played Cornet in a local community band for 30+ years. It took that long for me to realize that I stunk. So on to my next love, the harmonica. Perhaps better luck this time. My ultimate goal is to be able to play well enough to play in a group that will perform, for free, at group homes, senior centers, hospice, etc.

Thank you for this forum, best wishes.


Clogger replied to the topic 'Hello from Oregon' in the forum. 2 hours ago

Hi Riverwolf, I hope the surgery goes well and you are soon restored to full mobility. Guitar and harmonica go well together!


Clogger replied to the topic 'Life sucks' in the forum. 2 hours 16 minutes ago

Thanks for the song and the welcome! I tried a Dobro a couple of weeks ago. I visited a major music store with another band member and we went round the whole store and tried most things. Trombone was good in that I didn't need to use my fingers but it was a bit heavy for me; and who can take a trombone player seriously :lol:

I've been really down in the dumps this last six months and feeling sorry for myself but things are looking up now!


BruceRoscoe replied to the topic 'Blues songs or tabs to practice' in the forum. 2 hours 34 minutes ago

Thanks Reed,
I'm going to listen to them today get some tabs and go for it and have fun. I'm not going to try to many songs at one time I'll just get confused. Been doing a lot of reading and listening lately. Thanks for your help.



Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Blues songs or tabs to practice' in the forum. 2 hours 43 minutes ago

Sorry for the delay, I thought I had posted something but I guess it got lost, here it is again.
I used tabs early on but no longer have them, but there are, as I'm sure you've discovered,
thousands available on line.
But I do believe I can help you with some tunes, The first one I recommend is one by Bo
Diddley named "Pretty Thing". The band is playing in the key of E, the harmonica is an A
harp played in second or cross position for E. This is a Bo Diddley ROMP there are no
chord changes. Lots of chugging, and listen to how the harmonica duplicates the vocal
line. Recommended: Listen, Play, Listen, Play, Listen, Play, you'll get the idea:)
The second tune is done by the great Muddy Waters it is a traditional tune in the Public Domain
titled "Can't Get No Grindin" The band plays in the key of G, the harmonica is a C harp, again
played in second (or cross) position. I know you can find this one on Youtube, Paul Osher
is on the harmonica. Recommended: L&P L&P L&P
And lastly another I found to be easy to learn in my early repertoire, It is a tune in the key of A
penned by Rice Miller aka "Sonny Boy Williamson" titled "Checkin' Up On My Baby"
again the band is in the key of A the harmonica is a D harp played second position.
I actually learned this tune from a cover done by Junior Wells. All these tunes are probably
available in some fashion on Youtube, I'll check to make sure. Learning these tunes
will provide you with a basic vocabulary for blues structure. Recommended: L&P, L&P,
I really can't stress the Listening enough, listen for every little nuance, how the phrasing
interacts with the rest of the music. And a parting thought, we as players/musicians must
decide who/m we are playing for, ourselves, the listeners, or those we are collaborating with
to produce the music. If you chose the latter you are on the right track.
Good Luck, Grab that harp and wail!


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Life sucks' in the forum. 3 hours 19 minutes ago

"Well my house burned down in a crash of thunder,"
"My wife ran off with a one-legged plumber,"
"The crops are dead since the riverbed went dry,"
"My son ran away and got hooked on drugs,"
"My dog got hit by a pick-up truck,"
"My daughters knocked by some guy from senior high,"
"People say that life is good, it don't seem good to me"
"I'm lost without a paddle, and I'm a headed up shit creek"
"People say that life is good, but I don't know why"
"As far as I can tell, Life Sucks, Then you die"
Welcome to the Harmonica Club (Version 2.0) Clogger.
Hohners Special20 is an excellent choice as a first harmonica, very user friendly,
well tuned, good response over the range, and easy to clean and maintain. They
also take any work done on them (by someone skilled) and can become great!
Good choice.
I hate it when it hurts to play guitar, other than bumping in to it last week I haven't
touched mine in too long, looking to sell it and find something with a lower action
that doesn't wear me out.
Have you considered Dobro or Lap Steel? These might not be so physically demanding.
Just a thought, oh yeah lastly I have no idea who wrote the tune or where I heard it.


Riverwolf created a new topic ' Hello from Oregon' in the forum. 3 hours 34 minutes ago

I am 3 weeks from total right shoulder replacement surgery.
So this one handed one finger typing will be short for now.
I am a 3 year into it guitar player and needed something else for awhile.
And a huge Neil Young fan.


Clogger created a new topic ' Life sucks' in the forum. 4 hours 28 minutes ago

Hi all, I've been playing in bands as an amateur since I was at school over 40 years ago. Guitar in rock and blues bands, mandolin in a folk rock band, fiddle in a ceilidh band and 5 string banjo in an old time combo. I've played for English morris, Lancashire clog dancing and an Appalachian clog dancing (which I also dance, hence the nick name).

So why am I here on a harmonica forum? Several years ago I started getting stiffness and pain in my fingers and left shoulder and have since been diagnosed with arthritis. In December 2014 it became too difficult to play my stringed instruments and packed them away for the last time. In an attempt to get over my loss I started walking, building computers, photography, but I really miss playing music.

Last week I went out into the garage to find a gadget I had in one of my tool boxes and spotted a small red plastic sleeve that contained a harmonica, I don't know who it belongs to or how it got there, but I cleaned it up and had a blow on it. I suddenly realised that I don't need to use my fingers and it's not too heavy for my shoulders, so I started to look on the internet for tutorials. So, as from today I play the harmonica; it's a Hohner Bandmaster in C with a bit of rust on it, a few dents and it tastes awful. I did a bit of research in the web and on the recommendation of a couple of guys who could play I've ordered a Hohner Special 20, it must be the cheapest instrument I've ever bought.

I've just learnt to play a scale on the middle 4 holes B)


BruceRoscoe replied to the topic 'Blues songs or tabs to practice' in the forum. 5 hours 31 minutes ago

Thanks Andy! That's great, if you do run across the tabs I certainly would appreciate it.



StreetPlayerDude replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 7 hours 45 minutes ago

Here, here, Mister Reed!

Although we many long standing fine members of the old guard HC forum and site were told in advance change is gonna come - Well, I can say without fear of reprisal we just didn't think it'd be this drastic, huh?!

Many nay most all of us found a place of camaraderie and friendship - which has lasted through several years and then some. From Dr Professor J_B to Mojo to PB and others to numerous to mention - We were if nothing else passionate about visiting and catching up with what's what and who's who in the forum and on the Home Page vids.

For me and no doubt many others, the Harmonica Club site itself was one of the best, if not the best of its kind ever done. To simply erase the rich history it provided in all of the e-Harmonica Universe with simply a push of a button and/or a few keystrokes - And/or being able to find a way to integrate it into this new-fangled site building as it were -- All the fine vids, all the great free lessons, all the harmonica and other topics, all the posts and answers, and they're just all poof gone outta here?! Kind of takes the wind out of the harp and sucks the soul right out of ya!

I don't know man, I just don't know.


AndyT replied to the topic 'Blues songs or tabs to practice' in the forum. 10 hours 39 minutes ago

Hi Bruce

I find a good one is St Louis Blues. There are some bends in it if you can do that.

I've lost the tab but will work it out again soon.

Some inspiration: youtu.be/tbzyQ6wjgdY

And an example:


I tabbed from Gus's version.

It's very basic but you can really get a bluesy feel after only a few plays.



Clogger thanked JamesA in topic Hi there! --- I'm James (seamus) 12 hours 7 minutes ago
Harmlessonica replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 13 hours 25 minutes ago

JamesA wrote:

LOL... I was hoping someone might tell me this was a good idea :)

It is a good idea James - just maybe not the best idea in the long term.

Admittedly, I joined the old site much later than most, so perhaps I have less sentimental attachment to it...

I would have loved to see the old content merged with the new site, but you've already mentioned that it wasn't feasible.

I've seen other forums where a separate forum is created as an archive for older posts... and while it may not be possible to import the posts directly to the new forum, perhaps a compromise would be to have a link to the old content somewhere which resides on a sub-domain of the new site.

In other words, the old info will be available to those who would like access to it, but the new site will still be the home for the Harmonica Club.


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 15 hours 31 minutes ago

As a member I try to give information as comes off the top of my head, I don't research
answers, or peruse other sites for my answers. I do my best to relay the knowledge as it
pertains to the question from what I have gleaned from years of playing. There are others
however who go above and beyond my meager efforts, researching other sites, videos, or
any means to bring the information asked for, and I applaud these individuals. I was asked
years ago by "The Great One" here at the HC if I could produce tabs for the site. I, like so
many(everyone?) else used tabs early in my development but had moved on to more advanced
techniques that I had no idea then, or now, how to tab. I tried, the sheer volume of explanation
involved in getting my tabs to fruition was ultimately (for me) overwhelming. I could not for
example accurately tab a growl, or monkey swing, or tongue slap, (still don't).
But there are those who did this work without fanfare, John Broecher, for his exemplary work
as our resident "Historian", Knud, who would painstakingly TAB tunes for those who were
stymied in their attempts to find help elsewhere. I myself, in my anal retentive way followed
Knuds tabs and Mr. Johns instructions toward scalar and modal playing, both these cats deserve
to be recognized for their inspired work that is/was extremely helpful, and to my ears spot on
Reed Smith


StreetPlayerDude replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 17 hours 26 minutes ago

Please! Don't throw away and/or get rid off all the history and how much fun we all had from the Harmonica Club since its inception many years ago! To throw away any of a decade's or so of work from a genius forecaster as Seamus has shown everyone to be in the Harmonica Universe as a whole - To loose any of the magnificent wonderful videos/lessons/conversations et al. not to mention the sheer input and impact HC over lo these many years had on the global Harmonic Universe as a whole would be! Sure, there are many enough of us here who want/will communicate with newbies. But still, we of course always want to maintain/hold the many deep threads woven and life-time friendships/camaraderie already established through the HC and beyond!

Please! Our greatest beloved treasure and HC harmonica historian who ever graced our pages for all these many years of pleasure and most entertaining information - Dr John_Broeker lives! Please keep his memories and all he contributed alive!

Change and progress may be good in some things. But in HC - one of the greatest places on Earth for many years to be a part of and in - maybe not so much now!, eh?!

Am just saying, huh?!



Suave_Blues_Man replied to the topic 'Tongue Switching' in the forum. 18 hours 18 minutes ago

Go to this page for a more complete explanation:


Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man


Doc Reid created a new topic ' Hi from Texas' in the forum. 21 hours 9 minutes ago

I've only been trying to blow a harp for a couple of weeks now and I know just enough to be dangerous....and not in a good way...lol But it seems to get better every day. This has been on my bucket list for years and am finally in a position to be able to do something about it. I'm glad that I found this site where I can learn from y'all and hopefully not feel too dumb when I ask dumb questions.
I am certainly looking forward to watching y'alls videos and listening to what you have to say and will certainly appreciate any advice and words of wisdom y'all might care to offer.


BruceRoscoe created a new topic ' Blues songs or tabs to practice' in the forum. 21 hours 38 minutes ago

Since so many of you have abilities on the harmonica that go way above mine. What would you suggest is a good beginners blues song or scale to practice. I sure would appreciate your help. I have gone on the web to look around but I felt this would be my best 1st stop.