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Marcy replied to the topic 'Audacity software.' in the forum. 6 hours 13 minutes ago

Hey Swapan, I've used Audacity a little bit.
I use it sometimes to slow down a track. For example, if there's a fast harmonica break I want to figure out, I can use Audacity to cut that part out of the song and slow the tempo. The cool thing is that Audacity can slow the tempo but keep the pitch the same. The slowed down track won't sound as good as the original recording, and the slower you go, the worse the quality will get. But as a tool for figuring out tunes, it sure beats running a record player at half speed.
I also use Audacity to change the key of a song--that's the same thing as lowering or raising the pitch. Like above, Audacity can do this without changing the song's tempo. But as above, changing a track's pitch is bound to distort the sound a little bit. If you only raise or lower the key a half or maybe a whole step, it's not too bad. The farther you go from the original recording's key though, the more you'll notice it. I use this feature sometimes if there's an old recording that I want to play along with. Sometimes, these are a little flat because of the recording process back then. Also, you may want to change the pitch of a tune if you don't have the right harp to play along with. Hope some of this helps.


keith replied to the topic 'Audacity software.' in the forum. 7 hours 52 minutes ago

This will be a good thread, if someone knows how to use it & share their knowledge. :)

(I've had access to audacity for years, but I've never figured it out, not even how to get a proper recording, always comes out with very low volume.)


Eric33 thanked guitarman8491 in topic Eric33's Videos 9 hours 33 minutes ago
SWAPAN DEB created a new topic ' Audacity software.' in the forum. 11 hours 48 minutes ago

Dear all,

Recently I downloaded "Audacity(2.1.2)" software from internet. It's a free software and hopefully useful for us. It's features are as below:-

1. Can remove vocal part of a song and create a karaoke( I tried, but the job was not done properly).
2. Can change the Key/Scale of a Karaoke to your required Key/Scale(done through Effect>Pitch change, but do not know how far it is correct).
As per my little musical knowledge, Pitch of a song/track and Key/Scale of a song/track are completely different thing.
3. Can change in to different effect eg. Treble, Bass etc. of a Karaoke track(done perfectly).
3. Can change Karaoke track tempo(done perfectly)

and many more.....

I read almost entire manual of Audacity and wrote Audacity in regard to point 1 & 2. They answered, these can be done accurately. But how I do not understand. Can anybody share his/her experience if any on Audacity software?


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Shure Green Bullet 520DX' in the forum. 12 hours 35 minutes ago

What are you playing thru? I use tube amps when playing amplified, a Fender Super Reverb
for large venues, and a 10 watt hand built Garnet amp, both amps run Weber speakers, P10Q
with H dust caps. A couple years ago I got a Lone Wolf Blues Company "Harp Break" pedal. Cool
distortion clip, and bottom end boost. When I use it with an amp the tone gets fatter and rounder.
I played a gig in Tampa last month and because of tight constraints took no amp, played a JT30
into the "Harp Break" strait to my P.A. my bass player didn't know I didn't have an amp until afterward
when we broke down.
Tone comes from you, not your equipment, and it can't be bought, only enhanced. Good acoustic tone
will translate to good electric/amped tone. Bad will be bad, only louder, "Crap in, Crap out". A tight cup
on your harp and mic is the best place to start, the *Bulletini should be much easier to cup than the 520
because of the smaller diameter. Open your throat, the deep yawning position of throat and mouth will
allow for a larger resonance chamber. Allow the harp to fit comfortably back in your mouth far enough
to have a good lip seal on either side of your embouchure, and allow easier use of your tongue. Whether
you use tongue block or lip block (pucker) these tips will help.
You will ALWAYS sound like you, we develop our own distinctive sound/tone by our inability to perfectly
emulate our influences. That killer fat Chicago harp tone? 90-95% player, 5-10% equipment. Kim Wilson
can slay with just a harmonica and a glass cup.
Regards, Reed


Lithy replied to the topic 'Shure Green Bullet 520DX' in the forum. 17 hours 38 minutes ago

Hi Reed.

Yea the Dingoes, good OZ band from the 70's. I am originally from Liverpool in UK and was brought up on the fabulous music of the 60's. A lot of great music at that time coming from the US as well ...but hey the music goes on past and present right? " Blues is a feeling" as Little Walter sang. That's a picture of me standing in the Cavern Club in Liverpool about 2008. Will contact Nate at Adam Gussow's site. Will look out for that CD!..or let me know down the track.
I have" Buyers Remorse" now with the Bulletini ...lol! Trying to find that vintage sound is difficult. Learning some Little Walter tracks at the moment "My Babe" and Sad Hours" but will never sound like him but hey..I can be myself right?

Might look into the JT30's and the Shure Undidyne.



johno77 thanked Reed Smith in topic New member yesterday
Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Shure Green Bullet 520DX' in the forum. yesterday

I wish like hell I could somehow justify buying a "Bulletini" would love to try one out.
I own two JT30's and a Shure Unidyne (Butter style) for amped playing, and Shure 57's
for acoustic playing and vocals. If you contact Nate (nacoran) at Adam Gussow's site
he'll help you get your account and password worked out.
I have a very good friend lives a couple hours south of me here in Florida, he is a great
guitar and bass player from Australia, played with a group called the "Dingos" and is
a member of the Australian Rock And Roll HOF. He is a fine songwriter too! The first
time we played some of his material live, he told me I made him feel like Willie Nelson!
His name is John Bois, we may end up producing a CD together, look out.
Regards, Reed
"Always Be Yourself.......Unless You Can Be Little Walter.......Then Be Little Walter"


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'What Are You listening To?' in the forum. yesterday

Yeah man, for whatever reason I get jury summons about every two-three years, must be my
honest face, and fair and balanced demeanor. Muwha-ha-ha-ha!
Yeah, I do listen to Gordon Lightfoot, used to play 'Edmond Fitzgerald" with a Folk guy whose
recordings I played on in the early 90's. I think he did it in Gm, but I couldn't swear to it. been
a while now, Lightfoot spins a good yarn.
"it's Like My Dad Always Used To Say, Your Gonna Shoot Some Ones Eye Out With That Thing"


Sarge replied to the topic 'What Are You listening To?' in the forum. yesterday

Reed Smith wrote:

Whew! What a day, 10 hours of jury duty.
. I really like a good story,
Regards, Reed
"Why Can't We All Just Get A Bong?"

10 hours of jury duty!!!!! What a depressing thought!!
Do you ever listen to Gordon LIghtfoot?


Lithy replied to the topic 'Shure Green Bullet 520DX' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks Reed for your prompt reply and info.

Liked your "About me".

Nobody is going to help you become a harp player overnight. It takes hours of practice. Have been playing 4yrs now and still learning!!
Your comment..." If you can't hear it in your head it will not come out, ever." This is so true.
I did buy a Bulletizer from Greg Heumann ...great little mic for cupping, easier to hold and less fatiguing than the 520DX. I did join Gussow's www.modernbluesharmonica very early in the piece but forgot my password. So didn't frequent the site and just concentrated and worked hard on my music. Will go back to Adam Gussow's site and check out the members in OZ.

Thanks again.


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'not playing.' in the forum. yesterday

Yep what Dex said. I won't go the YouTube route to post here, it is ridiculous that we should have to.
I had a lot of tunes here when it was the old site. A lot of the "New And Improved" Harmonica Club is
actually "Cheap And Redundant", just the way it is and not likely to change, ever.
Why does the old saw "Useless As Tits On A Slab Of Bacon" come to mind, hmm?


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'What Are You listening To?' in the forum. yesterday

Whew! What a day, 10 hours of jury duty. When I just wanna kick back and just listen to some
music (much harder than it seems when you have been playing for as long as some of us here,
the tendency is to pick up and start playing along) I go back to some of my all time favorites,
Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash. I really like a good story, and tho' I've heard the tunes
hundreds of times, the mental images from the tunes are always enriching.
Regards, Reed
"Why Can't We All Just Get A Bong?"


Lithy replied to the topic 'Shure Green Bullet 520DX' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks Suave_ Blues_Man. Lot of info in there!



Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Shure Green Bullet 520DX' in the forum. yesterday

M8, being as you are in Oz, it would probably be prohibitively expensive for you to deal with
a vender here in the states, what with shipping and all. I would advise that you checkout Adam
Gussow's www.modernbluesharmonica, the reason I recommend this site is there are several
members from various parts of Australia who are knowledgeable as to who might offer those
services in your area. Adam's site is free to join. You must join to have access to posting questions
on the FORUM section. I am there (Reever Sorio) as well as some other members from here at
the HC. It is a Blues Harmonica centric site, but here is a lot of excellent information available to
anyone who plays harmonica, diatonic or chromatic. However, for here in the states, my go to guy
is Greg Heumann of BlowsMeAwayProductions, IMO he builds the finest harmonica element on the
market today, hands down. www.blowsmeaway.com
Regards, Reed
"Breathe The Harmonica"


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'New member' in the forum. yesterday

Welcome to the Harmonica Club! We do our best to help you do your best, merely ask.
Regards, Reed

"Always Be Yourself.......Unless you Can Be Little Walter.......Then Be Little Walter"


I can't get any videos on My Wall WHY?

Harmlessonica It's a problem with this this site that only James, the site owner, might be able to fix. Your best bet is to place your videos in the discussion... Show more
Eric33 added a video. yesterday

When I Take My Sugar To Tea

This is going back a bit,played during practice hour again,using my Bends Tonica 12 hole Harmonica in the key of "G"

Dexer replied to the topic 'not playing.' in the forum. 2 days ago

Harpoman wrote:

Yeah, it's my PC not compatible with USA software.

It's not a nationality issue.

This has been an ongoing problem for many months. A lot us can't play any of the videos linked through "My Videos" on this site. There's no problem with playing songs that have a direct link to Youtube. But "My Videos" (as shown on the home page) don't play for many of us. It used to be intermittent but it seems to have become a chronic problem in the last few weeks.


Suave_Blues_Man replied to the topic 'Shure Green Bullet 520DX' in the forum. 2 days ago

Howdy Lithy,

I've seen a different conversion article but this one lends history to your task:


Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man