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Harpdoctor replied to the topic 'improv' in the forum. 37 minutes ago

Does develop with a full chord progression mean climbing up to the top end of the harmonica. In those old days I know I was a 1 to 6 hole player.


Harpdoctor thanked Marcy in topic improv 43 minutes ago
Marcy replied to the topic 'improv' in the forum. 1 hour 22 minutes ago

You've got a rreal groove going. Love it!


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Harmlessonica replied to the topic 'Bad Taste in Movies?' in the forum. 1 hour 51 minutes ago

Great to see this brought up again! I think this is what I would have been like - if I never got married... :)

I used to have a large VHS video collection, which was then replaced by DVD but by then I was married and had other priorities, both in terms of time and finances.

My interest in home cinema surround sound is probably the only hobby I had when single which survived the marital meltdown (perhaps because my wife doesn't like the look of speakers, but loves the sound). This meant I still invested some time and money in the short lived HD DVD, then some blu rays - though they were ridiculously expensive when first released.

This led to upgrading my AV receiver to decode digital surround sound, which inevitably led to a full 7.1 speaker setup.

The irony for me is that many of the films I like are films from the 70's or earlier, which you'd be lucky to find in stereo, let alone 7.1!

I think the only true 'bad taste' is if someone only watches one type of movie to the point of obsession, but having a broad taste is like having a balanced diet. Nothing wrong with the occasional meal of junk food...

I love the idea of playing harmonica while watching a movie. I do that occasionally, often with westerns, it's like having live backing.

Collections like this are great because you might uncover a gem that you would otherwise never even had heard of.

If only there was a local Dexer near me... ;)


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Dexer replied to the topic 'Bad Taste in Movies?' in the forum. 8 hours 49 minutes ago

I'm going to post two more photos here (the system won't allow me to post more than two in my first post).




Dexer created a new topic ' Bad Taste in Movies?' in the forum. 8 hours 56 minutes ago

This could be in the "Other Hobbies" thread but...

My harmonica evening practice time interferes with my movie time so I often put on the subtitles of a movie so I can do some harp practice and watch a flick at the same time. This works best with foreign films and silents but I do it with all kinds of movies. The silent German epic DIE NIBELUNGEN is long enough to learn how to bend and tongue block.

I'm a huge movie fan with an embarrassingly large collection of Blu-ray Discs (several hundred). These are the high definition discs that are much superior to DVDs (especially for big TVs). I informally catalogue my collection by photographing my discs in groups of 15 and putting the images on photobucket. Though I do have a database list, looking at the cover art makes it easier for me to recall my discs. Personally, I don't think I have bad taste...just unusually broad taste. Combined with the fact that I tend not to buy movies that are easily found on TV, this gives me a rather odd collection.

Not a lot of people would be fans of BIRTH OF A NATION and ROLLER BOOGIE. Who owns both CALIGULA and THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET?

I'm really a huge fan of musicals and horror movies :). I imported the Japanese release of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and I bought the Italian release of GILDA because I'm and obsessive Rita Hayworth fan. I can sing every song in SOUTH PACIFIC and I have two copies of BYE BYE BIRDIE.

So I just thought I'd throw this topic out there for anybody interested in film and/or home theater.




guitarman8491 replied to the topic 'A Chromatic Thread' in the forum. 13 hours 8 minutes ago

Kieth..I really like the way John Barry plays the theme from Midnight Cowboy. I listened to Toot's and Mark Karmody and of the three gravitated to John Barry when I learned to play it. John wrote the original score.


AndyT replied to the topic 'Song of the Month #2 Freight Train' in the forum. 14 hours 6 minutes ago

Harpdoctor wrote:

Sounds great Andy.Can I ask what you are using for a mike. My built in computer mike doesn`t do me any favors.


It's just my Ipad, so a very basic microphone. Be careful of getting a good microphone, that may do no us any favours either



Mgarver replied to the topic 'improv' in the forum. 15 hours ago

Very nice!


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Harmlessonica replied to the topic 'YONBERG harmonicas' in the forum. 16 hours 9 minutes ago

I must admit I'm drooling over the design.

A little too pricey for me though...


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'YONBERG harmonicas' in the forum. 18 hours 28 minutes ago

Yeah, and they don't offer a chromatic version either Kieth,


keith replied to the topic 'YONBERG harmonicas' in the forum. 19 hours 46 minutes ago

I don't think this is in the spirit our founder JamesA would like as it is commercial selling.

Therefore I have removed your direct link, & leave it up to readers to seek out your product if interested.


Jean-Claude created a new topic ' YONBERG harmonicas' in the forum. 20 hours 45 minutes ago

Hello everyone,

We invite you to discover the YONBERG harmonicas by visiting the website www.yonberg-harmonica.com

These harmonicas manufactured in France are characterized by a new and modern look, a perfect ergonomics and a large sound power.

We are looking forward to have you soon among our happy customers !!

Best regards to all of you

Jean-Claude Bibollet


Harmlessonica replied to the topic 'improv' in the forum. 21 hours 19 minutes ago

I like it Doc. Some fun stuff going on there, though I daresay the webcam quality doesn't do your performance justice.

Definitely something you could develop with a full chord progression I reckon.

That one's a keeper!


Harpdoctor created a new topic ' improv' in the forum. 22 hours 16 minutes ago

Been so caught up in melodies recently that I`d forgotten about my old improvs. Here is a song I call `If Judy Wants to Travel`


Harpdoctor replied to the topic 'Hello everyone!' in the forum. 22 hours 23 minutes ago

Hi McGaver, I have been playing the harmonica for over 40 years now, and most of those years were improvising, mostly blues style. In the past 6 or 7 years, I have gotten so into learning melodies, that I have set aside my improv. Your intro brought to mind the fun and value of being on the trail and just blowing riffs. I started a new topic with one of my old riffs that I created on the ferry between Vancouver and Naniamo BC. The topic is called improv if you want to give a listen.