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keith replied to the topic 'How do you record yourself?' in the forum. 3 hours 19 minutes ago

I decided to try & record myself today.........

.......wish I hadn't, I sound terrible! :lol:

(Lots & lots of practice needed!)



keith replied to the topic 'Month 01: Hard Times Come Again No More' in the forum. 11 hours 51 minutes ago

Yeah, sounds good to me too.


keith replied to the topic 'Month 01: Summertime' in the forum. 13 hours 47 minutes ago

For those that don't know, Seydel have a conversion tool,


AndyT thanked Marcy in topic Month 01: Hard Times Come Again No More 20 hours 47 minutes ago
Marcy replied to the topic 'Month 01: Hard Times Come Again No More' in the forum. 21 hours ago

That's fantastic, Andy! The tongue blocked intervals added so much fullness. I love that bent note right near the end of some of the verses too. There's tons of great ideas here. I'm going to go work on figuring it out.


AndyT added a video. 21 hours 28 minutes ago

Hard Times Come Again No More - Advanced Version

Version for Harmonica Club, almost comfortable version incorporating high register and octave playing on a Seydel 1847 in Low Eflat.

AndyT replied to the topic 'Month 01: Hard Times Come Again No More' in the forum. 21 hours 29 minutes ago


Here is the idea of my final version, I've tried to vary it a lot so it develops musically, whether I achieve that musicality is another thing.


I will also post in my video uploads.



Marcy replied to the topic 'Month 01: Summertime' in the forum. 22 hours 36 minutes ago

Special tunings are a great idea, Rich.
Another option to the country tuning you mentioned for this song would be the natural minor tuning Swapandeb asked about. I tried it out and it works great. You start on hole six blow for the low octave and hole 9 blow for the high. The pattern is a little different, but there are no bends. There are a lot more interesting chord options in that tuning too.
Hey, check this out. Here's a video of Steve Baker demonstrating the country tuning, natural minor, and harmonic minor. He even uses Summertime as an example while playing the natural minor tuned harmonica.


Harmlessonica replied to the topic 'Month 01: Summertime' in the forum. 23 hours 14 minutes ago

Sounds like a cunning plan, Rich. :)

It might be worth searching online in case there's some kind of tab conversion tool.


Harmlessonica has liked a Video 23 hours 20 minutes ago

Beginning to incorporate those bends.

A short introduction on using the major scale to incorporate bends into harmonica playing. For those who have just started to be able to bend notes...

Rich35 replied to the topic 'Month 01: Summertime' in the forum. yesterday

Hi All
been practicing Summer Time and not doing bad,until I hit -3",then frustration,I can bend the hole no problem ,until I try to bend in a song!!!!
so I put my harp down and picked up my lee oskar melody maker and no bending needed,just got to figure out the proper notes with the rightHole.
point is I played it and it sounded not bad and no bending required .


Irishscot thanked AndyT in topic Month 01: Summertime yesterday

Can anybody explain about minor key diatonic. As an eg. if we can play Am(4th position)
in Key-C major. Is it just reverse? i.e. can play C...
Show more

Marcy No, it's not reverse. A minor tuned harmonica has a few reeds tuned differently to give you minor chords when you blow and draw. This changes the... Show more 22 hours 22 minutes ago
AndyT I'm a bit confused by Minor Scales. Since the Melodic version has different notes when ascending the scale to those descending. I assume diatonic... Show more 21 hours ago
Marcy I don't claim to have memorized the flatted thirds and so on for each minor scale. I do know there are several scales or modes. In old time music... Show more 9 hours 43 minutes ago
Eric33 replied to the topic 'topic control and categorization' in the forum. yesterday

Hi George,you are right ,I find it difficult to find the things that interest me,I also find that I have become a CLICK freak.Sooner or later the right thing comes up.I wish I was 21 again.Keep puffing Eric33.


cardinal has liked a Video yesterday

Hills of Sicily

Played in the key A Hohner Highlander tremolo

AndyT replied to the topic 'Hello' in the forum. yesterday


Welcome. Key knowledge is a bugger, and just because our harps have them stamped/written/scrawled on, it doesn't matter because we most often play them crossed anyway.

Look forward to seeing videos etc.



AndyT replied to the topic 'Month 01: Summertime' in the forum. yesterday


Whilst you have a point, one of the main points about the 'Song a Month' activity is that those embarking on it raise and discuss particular issues they come across whilst learning the songs.

As I just indicated in my previous post, I have no problems at all with a bend on hole 2 in Summertime, but play a double bent hole 3 as though it's the first time I've ever bent a note. Not the sort of thing that would come across in a general post about bending.

And if you think it's mumbo jumbo, challenge us to explain it better.



AndyT replied to the topic 'Month 01: Summertime' in the forum. yesterday

I was lying in bed last night, thinking that perhaps I should dig out my under-used chromatic to play Summertime, so I would have a decent recording by the end of the month.

Then I read the comments here and have decided that instead of abandoning the issue I have with draw three double bent, I will persevere. This may mean an ordinary version at the end of the month, but as most say, it will at least help me improve my bending (took me three months to bend by the way Marcy, though I only really started to try and bend after two months of playing so really 3 - 4 weeks).

Interesting to note that I shove a two draw bent in to my version and it's fine. Yes, you can tell it's a bend, but it fits. Hole three double bent grates still, but I'm working on that.

Oh, and you can bend notes on Trumpet. Just thought I'd add that nugget of information.



Irishscot replied to the topic 'Month 01: Summertime' in the forum. yesterday

Be careful that we dont swamp the site with a load of mumbo jumbo that a lot of harpers like me dont understand

One of the reasons that I left the NHLC was because of the amount of drivel that was produced . My advice would be just play the music