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rhinocrone created a new topic ' always looking for tabs.' in the forum. 5 hours 51 minutes ago

any good tabs sites?


Clogger created a new topic ' First tune' in the forum. 5 hours 58 minutes ago

Hope it's ok to post this here since it's not a question about learning harmonica, but since I have no friends that play the "tin sandwich" I decided to let you know about my progress on day 2 of being a harmonica player.

I started this morning by practising a scale from holes 4-7, then tried going up and down all 10 holes. At lunchtime I picked out the tune Buffalo Girls; I chose this tune because I know it like the back of my hand and it covers every note in one octave. I can play it very slowly with the emphasis on getting a clean single note every time.

My lips are a little sore this evening probably due to the roughness where I cleaned the rust off the top plate. hopefully my new Hohner Special 20 will arrive in the post tomorrow.


Hi Thor,i have just noticed that you sent a message 3 days ago,but i dint know how to pick it up.I was just getting into the old system but this lot... Show more

StreetPlayerDude replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 8 hours 3 minutes ago


Howdy Seamus! (Pronounced 'Shaymus' if ye olde Gaelic is correct! LOL!)

The explanation about the whys and wherefores of the old HC Forum format was/is very much appreciated - Not just by yours truly but am sure by all the fine longtime and newer members for sure!

Knowing the behind-the-scenes of what a nightmare the outdated-antiquated systems were (and as I can personally attest to how much of a gut-wrench it was attempting to go through thousands upon thousands of fake/spambot memberships there were :sick: - even since opening day back in October 2007 :pinch: ) -- I'm most glad you were able to come up with solutions to put an end to all of it finally! ;)

To be honest, this forum and site set up here is quite good and user friendly at that. Even with having to click on a box asking if you are or rather not a bot - Seems to have stopped the bullshit hackers from signing up in their tracks. Perhaps now they'll leave this place and us alone for once and then some, eh?

Before shutting the doors to this new fresh air spambot free place - I think being able to access the old club forum for research and such, even for historical harmonica universe archival purposes, while maintaining/keeping this place open and running are great ideas.

If there was a way to say hyperlink answers/posts to the volley and series of questions that continue to as we all know come up all the time from newbies and such, etc. etc. -- Well then, wouldn't that prevent hackers and bots from ever getting back in here and keep them at bay even over there?! Just wondering....

I'm glad we're moving forward, bro. And I'm definitely with you that we certainly don't want to move backward and open ourselves up again as many members can attest as the past few years have given us. No way, no how, huh?! LOL!

I can feel that this site is a lot more stable and easily workable too.

So I'm hoping you will find a way to have the best of both world where the HC Forum et al. is concerned. One question I do have though is - Since I (and presumably others) had to change some of the information in our sign-up here different from over there -- like passwords, emails and such -- Which then would the older site recognize when we sign in? Even now, just the thought of which passwords and such goes where when - as it was between the Home Pages and the forum - I'm confused all over again! :blink: :silly: Just saying...

In any event...

Thanks for reading!

Keep up the great HC work!

Keep on harpin'!

Street Player Dude aka Joseph B)


Henry added a video. 11 hours 28 minutes ago

Sweet Georgia Brown 'Ab'

Seydel Deluxe Chromatic harmonica

JamesA replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 13 hours 12 minutes ago

Thanks Harmlessonica, I'm thinking now that we should close this forum and direct members to use HarmonicaForum.com.
Because, as you say members won't be sure where to post a question for the best answer.


Harmlessonica replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 13 hours 35 minutes ago

Thanks for your explanation James, I'm sure both sites will flourish.

And, once again, many thanks for the work you are putting in to the club - I'm sure I speak for all of us by saying our appreciation cannot be adequately expressed!


Henry and JamesA have commented on Henry's video 15 hours 13 minutes ago

Thank you James! Most appreciated.

Besame Mucho 'Dm'

Hohner CX12 half-valved & embossed (Brendan Power).

Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Life sucks' in the forum. 16 hours 25 minutes ago

I looked up the tune on Youtube, it is by "The Losers" I first heard it pre-internet days
the complete title if anyone is interested is "Life Sucks, Then You Die".


SWAPAN DEB created a new topic ' Seydel Saxony Orchestra.' in the forum. 17 hours 6 minutes ago

Recently I have a Seydel Saxony(Orchestra) Chromatic. Would anybody share his/her experience on this?


JamesA replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 20 hours 2 minutes ago

And check it out. Henry's back, He's just upload 14 videos for your Chromatic pleasure.


JamesA replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 20 hours 16 minutes ago

Ok very impassioned stuff there :)

Thing is, I didn't tell everyone how bad things were. The software that HarmonicaClub.com was using for the members area had became obsolete. It was nolonger being updated or supported, and the old site had become vulnerable to attack from malicious sources. Our hosting account was suspended a number of times due to the load on the server applied by sustained attacks. I've rebuilt the site using the latest software available, but there was no way to migrate user accounts to the new site. This was a big hit for the club to take but things are looking good now. I launched the new site last week and we're up to 111 members as of today. All of the active members are making there way back. I still have the mailing list for all the old members, so when I've ironed out a few teething problems, I'll be emailing all the old members about the changes.

I still have all content from the old members area and may be able to make it available on a sub-domain. Problem is, that if the hack-bots find the old scripts they'll start hammering us again. I can certainly provide anyone with sound files and tabs from the old site if they want them.

I intend rebuilding the old tabs page with videos and a little more consistency as regards tab and quality. But this is going to take a bit of time.

The old phpbb forum is in better shape than the rest of the old site (although the database was starting to crash quite regularly) This is the section that I'm thinking of hosting on HrmonicaForum.com. There is the question of dividing the membership but I also think there's a specific niche out there for a site that is a dedicated Harmonica Forum. I myself use a number of different forums and don't feel that it divides my loyalties.

I'll go ahead and install the old forum at HarmonicaForum.com and we'll see how things go from there.

By the way just so there's no confusion for new members Seamus and JamesA are the same person. I just changed my username because the majority of people seem to have difficulty pronouncing Seamus (the gaelic/irish for James)


JamesA replied to the topic 'Life sucks' in the forum. 21 hours 7 minutes ago

Welcome to HarmonicaClub.com Clogger :) :)


Henry added a video. 21 hours 31 minutes ago

Me & Mrs Jones 'C' & 'Db'

Seydel Deluxe Chromatic Harmonica Publication/CD: 'You're The Voice' Reproduced by permission of Faber Music Ltd and International Music...

Henry added a video. 21 hours 33 minutes ago

Eleanor Rigby 'Em'

Suzuki SCX48 Chromatic Harmonica

Henry added a video. 22 hours 26 minutes ago

Rio Bravo 'B'

Seydel Deluxe Chromatic Harmonica Publication/CD: 'You're The Voice' Reproduced by permission of Faber Music Ltd and International Music...

Henry added a video. 22 hours 28 minutes ago

Michelle 'Fm'

Seydel Deluxe Chromatic Harmonica Backing track purchased from 'Pocket Songs'

Henry added a video. 22 hours 29 minutes ago

Misty 'Bb' & 'B'

Chrometta 10 Chromatic harmonica. Backing track from Pocketsongs.com

Henry added a video. 22 hours 30 minutes ago

Cavatina 'E'

CX12 - half-valved and embossed Chromatic (Brendan Power). Backing track from Pocketsongs.com

Henry added a video. 22 hours 32 minutes ago

Begin The Beguine 'C'

Hohner 'Discovery 48' Chromatic harmonica. Backing track purchased from Traxx.