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Reed Smith replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 57 minutes ago

So, if I wish to play cross harp second position in the key of B#, I need an E# harmonica?


StreetPlayerDude replied to the topic 'The Old Harmonica Club Forum' in the forum. 1 hour 7 minutes ago

Howdy All! Sometimes on my way to the Old/New HC Forum(s), life gets in the way! LOL!

For those of us who have been around since the good ol days - going back to the years when we all used to have a blast in the Chat Room (the best CR of any free forum/harmonica site in the world and then some) -- We always credited and gave credit to Seamus with being a genius and visionary of the/our Harmonica Universe as it was and could be!

In that now we have a handful/bunch of newbies and/or sour pussies and/or crybabies and/or more who have no knowledge or history of what the Man created and did for us and Harmonica Universe be instead just want to slam and say the contributions of all those who came before them are unworthy and for naught in our old forums, our old clips, etc. -- Shame on you! Shame on you all!

So you fell off the harp truck yesterday and want to learn now about everything the harp has to offer us is only based on your limited views and opinions since yesterday and nothing before you came along?! Yeah right?!

Most other Harmonica Universe sites will just ignore you with your blather! But here at the HC - according to how Seamus saw to it and set everything up - You're welcome to explore his/our rich history here!

So go back into the Old HC Forums; research the Archives; and yes, we and all of us will be happy to respond to newbies and oldies and more! But please...Don't say or claim that the old HC site/forum etal. was not worth our time or worthless! It was and has never been not!!

Joseph aka Street Player Dude!


Dexer created a new topic ' Forum Discipline' in the forum. 2 hours 48 minutes ago

Gee...I really hate to sound like one of those forum cops but something odd is going on with the HARMONICA TAB REQUEST forum.

The top three topics in the HARMONICA TAB REQUEST forum are: "ELX" electric harp, "What Amps Do Not Distort" and a question about "...New Harmonicas Great For Bending Notes". Obviously, none of these are remotely related to tab requests.

I point this out NOT because I'm a crotchety old man but because it's hard to find thesed topics when I go to the forum page. For example, if I see a post on the home page about amps, I want to go the forum and see the discussion. So I go to the forum, assuming this would be in the Harmonica Hardware fourm and I can't find it. So I look in Techniqus and Learning to Play and it's not there either.

Same with the post about the ELX harp. I want to see if any discussion is developing and to see how many views the subject is getting. So I go to Harmonica Hardware (since a post about an electric harp is obviously about hardware) and I can't find the post.

How are these subjects ending up in the forum used for requesting tabs?


Harpoman created a new topic ' ELX' in the forum. 11 hours 22 minutes ago


This is awesome an Electric Harmonica,


Marcy and cardinal have commented on JamesA's video 12 hours 31 minutes ago

There's tons of feeling in this. Great playing!


Desperado by the Eagles

Marcy and 2 others have commented on Marcy's video 12 hours 36 minutes ago

Thanks so much, George. I agree, I really like this style for folk. My favorite player is Sam Hinton and it would be so fun to be able to play in...

Swanee River -- Old Folks at Home -- Old Time...

Here's a song by Stephen Foster played on harmonica (Hohner Rocket in the key of C, first position with tongue blocking).

Okay, I'm feeling stupid again. We used to have a plethora of audios without video, and many were very good. I can't find the button to access... Show more

SWAPAN DEB replied to the topic 'New Member 7.29.15' in the forum. 16 hours 49 minutes ago

Oldguy...happy to see you again man.......Swapan


AndyT replied to the topic 'Hello from the Netherlands' in the forum. 18 hours 44 minutes ago


Welcome back.



SWAPAN DEB replied to the topic 'Hi everyboby! Hi from Romania' in the forum. yesterday

Happy to see you.


kramar created a new topic ' Hi everyboby! Hi from Romania' in the forum. yesterday

I'm very beginer. I'll be watching you with great interest.


Hello. I'm a new member and I need some help. I have a set of blues harmonicas and I know little of how to play them. Anybody have any advice/tips?

AndyT Having said that, my first bit of advise is just learn to be comfortable breathing through the harmonica, something very difficult to do on a blues... Show more 18 hours 50 minutes ago
AndyT Think of putting a pen in you mouth and pulling it slowly out. Now look at the way your lips have formed. That is the look, and feel, of your lips... Show more 18 hours 46 minutes ago
Marcy Hey, welcome. What style are you hoping to play--blues, folk, jazz...? I think one of the best things you can do is find the musicians who have that... Show more 12 hours 10 minutes ago
Windsaver created a new topic ' Hello from the Netherlands' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hello Everybody,

I'm Ed from the Netherlands.
I started playing harmonica early 90's, bluesharp at first but in the past few years I tend to play the chromatic more mainly jazzy stuff.
Thanks to those who commented on the video's I uploaded here.

This site seems to have changed quite a bit, I remember the chat room on the old site.

-- Ed


what happened to the tabs on this site i can't find them

george I scanned to the top and I could just see a bit of it under the purple banner. If you go into the forum itself you should be able to see the entire... Show more 14 hours 6 minutes ago
Eric33 replied to the topic 'New Member 7.29.15' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi Oldguy,nice to see you back on the Members List,how on earth you managed it i just don't know.I only hope you have more luck than me with all this new set up.Good Luck.Eric33.


harpsquealer replied to the topic 'Clearance Sale!' in the forum. 2 days ago

Thanks for the feedback Blues Man. Will definitely keep in mind emailing and calling the source come next time. Good customers sure do make a better business.

Keep on Harp Squealin'



Oldguy replied to the topic 'New Member 7.29.15' in the forum. 2 days ago

Welcome to the club ! Glad to have you here .


rocknhorse replied to the topic 'JP Allen Harmonica Lessons' in the forum. 2 days ago

I did his 99 lesson happy harpin course. It was a decent grounding in beginning techniques and he has a nice relaxed teaching style. It was great for helping get single notes down and for basic chugging but it didn't go a whole lot further than that. I bought his 7 DVD set afterwards but I don't recommend that at all and is, largely, a rerun of the stuff in the happy harpin course.

I've bought a huge amount of lessons over the last few months and would recommend Adam Gussow (moderrnbluesharmonica.com), Ronnie Shellist (harmonica123.com) and Jon Gindick as the best of those.

Gindick's stuff is amazing for rank beginners and I think it's only 50 bucks for a lifetime membership of his video harp club which is far, far less than JP's stuff.

Hope that helps.


Suave_Blues_Man replied to the topic 'New Member 7.29.15' in the forum. 3 days ago

HC Member bnorvell,

You will put most of us to shame. And welcome aboard! Any recordings? What got you started? Legends? Heroes? Personal history? Harp kit? How big is the band?

We used to have a CHAT ROOM to talk with other harpers but the cost must have gotten way out of hand and the site owner shut it down, (versus going to a PAY subscription service). I be using some old statistics when I say that we had 10,000 members world-wide. Some of those members began and moved into recording within a year or two. Conversations with every level and position of harpist were not unusual and some of the Harmonica Club members were 'regulars' in both the FORUM and the CHATROOM. You could find most brands, techniques, styles, genre and everybody appreciated all of it.

The site was "hacked several times and that was part of our undoing. In the time we had that high level of harp spirit several members taught classes to the four corners of the Earth and in a few languages. Once we "piped-in" a Blues Station from Dallas to the UK and got the DJ to recognize the Club - ON THE AIR!

So we're helping rebuild a great Club and site. Any and all contributions are welcome. I ask that if you're referencing a site then list the site, or the player or the contact and who said what. Conversations have happened with subject matter of "Who was the artist who played "Beach Boy Blues" from Blue Hawaii?" Where do I get, how do I get, who makes, who's got and how many harps do you have? Who repairs? Where can I get less expensive harps? I',m going to SPAH, can I get a ride. Members have donated time, money and harps to every aspect of this instrument.

And it continues everyday that we get home from work or school and spend some time here in the FORUM.

It's good to have you and your experience.

Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man